I have heard that loving yourself is the most vital relationship you have in your life and I agree with that statement. In the past, when I was not fully aware of who I was or where I wanted my life to be heading to, I reckon, I completely surpessed the notion of being in a relationship with myself. I think I was more focused on pleasing other people and their needs. That attitude shifted years ago thanks to Louise Hay books and today I am grateful for her teachings.

I sometimes struggle with being loving to myself. There are moments when I scold myself for doing something wrong, for feeding myself with negative words. However I am now more aware of who I am and I am able to stop and give love to myself every day, a little bit more on daily basis.

I list below 10 steps for loving yourself by Louise Hay. Simple yet life changing. 🙂

1. Stop all criticism

2. Don’t scare yourself

3. Be gentle, kind and patient

4. Be kind to your mind

5. Praise Yourself

6. Support Yourself

7.Be loving to your negatives

8. Take care of your body

9. Do the mirror work

10. Do it now

What are your ways of loving yourself?

Hugs and Light from Me