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October 2016

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Alignment within

I do not know if I knew back when I was younger what alignment meant as I simply did not listen to myself, my needs, my body.

Over the years of self growth, I was discovering it, layer by layer to be eventually fully aware of its meaning.

For me, alignment comes with the internal peace, feeling fulfilled and calm, knowing that everything I do is for my highest good. I feel aligned when I listen to my intuition as this is my compass.

I think that there is magic happening when you truly listen to yourself within.

Abraham Hicks suggest a very simple tip to get into alignment:

“Alignment is easy… just remember something that feels good and focus on that”

I always focus on my nephew talking or smiling. It works for me. What will work for you to get into alignment?

Light and Hugs from Me


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I came across that word recently and thought it was worth mentioning as the meaning appears to be positive. So I am adding that word to my vocabulary usage.

PRONOIA  is defined as “the suspicion the Universe is a conspiracy on your behalf”

Light and Hugs from Me


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Green, blue, yellow, read, pink ……… your financials in the hands of your wallet colour ?

My favourite colour is navy blue. It’s always been navy blue. I feel a strong connection to it since I was a teenager. And although I would be drawn to different colours along the years and tend to be attracted to turquoise now, navy blue is my core colour. However, when it comes to money, I have always thought red was the colour for my wallet. The reason I believed it was that red is the colour of root chakra which reflects our financials. So over the past years, I have had mainly red wallets. I even purchased a red one nearly a month ago to only discover that my presumptions about it were incorrect. And I felt a huge relief as I actually feel no joy looking at my last one. Recently, I have encountered Patricia Lohan’s website which mentioned  attracting more financial abundance by starting with my wallet. I didn’t hesitate long and I emailed my name and date of birth to Patricia. I was actually expecting the perfect color to be red. To my surprise, perfect colors for my wallet turned out to be: black, blue or green. If you wish to get to know your colour, you can check out this link:

Perfect Wallet

I am now in search for a new wallet. The one that will appeal to me. The one that every time I look at it, it will make me smile and be my magnet for wealth. I am looking forward then to welcome new energy flow around my financials. Surely, new wallet won’t magically make money show up, however I am convinced it is a very basic step to open the door to more abundance. As it is like with everything else, once we clear the stagnant energy around particular area of our lives, we make space to enhance fresh flow of new energy.

With Light and Hugs


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Five main benefits I gained from meditating every day

I have been meditating for over a year regularly. Although the beginning was quite rocky: not being able to sit still for five minutes, getting angry at myself that I can not complete that simple task, I managed to calm my mind and continued that wonderful journey of meditation. Yes, it was hard as I thought I would be able to meditate like straight away and was putting myself under the pressure of twenty minutes which I just could not accomplish. To be honest, throwing myself into twenty minutes was like swimming for five minutes with no wet suit in Galway Bay in January, with no former swimming at all. It was frustrating so I reduced the “pace” to five minutes to start with. And I can not stress enough the number of “positive side effects” I have experienced and those are my TOP FIVE:



I approach my days with a quiet and balanced mind. My new normal is aiming toward feeling calm and quiet the moment I wake up.



I feel happier. I feel content. I am stress free. It is like my mind is an empty bowl ready to be filled with the beautiful thoughts. If sometimes I wake up and already know it is not my day, mediation does its work and allows me to have the space to vent not feeling great into more pleasant feeling. For instance if I wake up feeling angry, afterwards I tend to feel resentful. Getting one step closer to feeling better.


Meditation had enhanced my  focus and attention.  It has been way easier for me to concentrate on particular tasks and things I want to do.  My mind tends to  follow its compass  to be focused on what I choose.


My Intuition has evolved enormously.  I always listen to my heart – my inside voice which  guides me whether I am looking for an answer for a particular question or a choice I am about to make. However, due to meditation, it has doubled. I am truly amazed!


My self – awareness has increased in a sense that I have become more present with my feelings, my strengths. I think I even became more creative. And also I made myself a priority – my self care.

Try it. Be it two or five minutes to begin. Try to make meditating your habit so it becomes indispensable part of your daily routine. Like brushing your teeth.

Light and Hugs From Me


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Leap leap leap step

Today, I am making a leap step towards having more FAITH in myself, my abilities, my potential, my can do attitude, being able to give and receive love, in being at peace, kinder, loving towards others. I am taking the big leap of trusting myself and allowing to completely embrace Who I Really AM 🙂

Hugs and Light From Me


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Getting your WHY out there part 1

I have been sitting and pondering about my life recently, my mission here on the planet Earth. And although I did figure out the purpose of my life , the query in a form of WHY keeps coming back and maybe the reason it is coming back is the fact that I am still figuring out my WHY behind it.

It is a tricky question as the BIG WHY is intricate, it has layers we need to peel. And sometimes those layers are thick and not easy to remove. Yet, it was so remarkable to me to get through them to uncover two reasons behind MY WHY so far:

Numero uno

I am here because I love seeing people ( women particularly) grow and blossom while they discover their true calling. I love being the witness of their dreams and desires coming true. It is such a fulfilling experience to be a part of their journey and be the “listener”, the “prompter”, the “facilitator” to eventually having the privilege of being the “witness”.

Numero dos

Empowerment  – yep I see an incredible power in women collaborating together, supporting one another. I feel immensely inspired by other women success stories and amazing results they are getting in their businesses and lives. I am not there yet. However, I officially left my comfort zone and I am aiming to be more empowered in getting closer to my goal and my other WHYS.

I remember when I discovered my life purpose and the feeling I had. It was just WOW – my heart was singing and I was saying: Why I did not figure it out earlier? It was within me. The answer was within me. I was carrying it out all way long.

What is the WHY behind your life mission? Have you thought about it at all? Have you listened to you deeply enough to hear the answer? I hope you will give it a shot. What is the best you can learn from it?

Hugs and Light From Me


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Here I go again… TO BE list to love yourself

So today  as I was feeling kinda under the weather, I reminded myself of the TO BE LIST and I decided to write it down. My list came a bit longer than usual and I owe it to the mood I got into. I just wanted to move into the direction of feeling happier. I got into a meditative state, sitting quietly for ten minutes and I asked myself : Who do you want to BE truly today, Monika? and here it is the list that evolved:

* KIND to myself

* LOVING to myself

* SUPPORTIVE to myself

* APPRECIATIVE of myself

* MOTIVATING to myself

* CHEERLEADING to myself

* MOTIVATING to myself

* PAMPERING myself

We all deserve joy and bliss in our lives. In order to feel them we gotta love ourselves. Truly. Madly. Deeply. Unconditionally.  What’s your TO BE list to love yourself? 🙂

Light and Hugs from Me


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Have a cuppa of self love

You crave that cuppa of coffee in the morning and you crave it later while on “coffee break”. It gives you  boost

(apparently), it smells lovely, it just tastes good. And you don’t even have to think  twice about getting that cuppa. You know it is your thing so you are getting it. The coffee smell is spreading around you, you feel good. You feel warm and rejuvenated.  You have a first sip – aaawww what a feeling!

It amazes me how much attention we are giving to a cup of coffee. And I was also one of the people who was a coffee enthusiast. It surely was my thing at 11 o’clock every day. And I have been pondering lately about applying those feelings of warmth, joy, happiness, energy and boost to ourselves. What a great cuppa of self that would be!  Self love is an indispensable part of my life and I wish everyone could practise it on daily basis.

So perhaps next time you have your cup of coffee and you come up with all those wonderful benefits it has, write them down and say it to yourself day by day. Check it out and share with others. More love to yourself means more love around you and beyond.

Hugs and Love from Me

Monika and her cuppa of self love 😉

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"Follow me" – says Heart – "Follow me" – screams Head.

“Yes, that’s it” , ” That’s the way I am doing it”, “That’s the right thing to do right now for me”, ” I am going to go with option B”. How many of those and many other phrases like that have you told yourself to only end up with the outcome you did not expect? My guess is : numerous.  There was that little voice inside you guiding you, you thought, in the right direction.  The voice was loud and vivid. You thought you were making the good decision. And again, you  failed somehow.

So many of us keep saying:

a) “I am so fed up with my family issues” – but it is your family in the end.

b) ” I am feeling down at my workplace”-  but you are still working there with the same attitude.

c) ” He is getting on my nerves / she just does  not support me at all” – but you are locked in the chain of keep saying: ” But we are so long together”.

And the list goes on and on.

I have definitely made decisions that I would have expected to lead me to the places I wanted to be and to the results I dreamt about. To my despair, I was discovering the ache of failure and disappointment countless times. Eventually, I took a closer look at the way I was approaching  “the making up my mind” theme. I realised that I was overthinking it, getting confused and bringing too much chaos into it.  Making decision is actually a simple task.  There are always two streams that get you in that moment: Head and Heart. It is on you which one you are going  to flow with.  My way of decision making is brought down to three questions:

1. Will saying yes/no to this serve my highest good?

2. Am I ready to face the consequences if something does not work?

3. What will I gain if it works?

I always reckon that if a decision made benefits your life – well then that is always the right direction to go. We need to shift the way we make up our minds if something is not working.

Head or Heart are knocking on your door. Which one will you invite in? and How are you going to approach the process? Choice is yours.

Hugs and Light From Me


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What I have learned from Conor McGregor

The UFC fever is over and everything around it seems to have calmed down. I must say that even though I have never been its follower, I have watched the pre and post fight conferences of UFC 194 wtih Conor McGregor.   And I am glad I did as I have gotten these four valuable insights.

* I got a big kick off of my self confidence. Why? Simply because he is self believer.  His way of talking before the fight was very calm, almost slowed down yet the picture of his victory he was painting with the words, was profound.  It  got me into visualising what he was saying would happen during that fight. I was taken in. Again, another person who underlines the power of visualisations which are a fantastic tool to get yourself in the habit of creating your future in the NOW.

* ” I have been compared to everybody…. I am me. I am nobody else but me” – he said.  It is so powerful. Don’t you think? I mean  you gotta be your own fan of yourself.  I think I am going to stick a note to my mirror: I AM ME and embrace it every time I look at it.  It is such a freaking privilage to be Me. To be YOU and only YOU. Cheers to “Being Me”.

* ” I stay active. I am fresh. there is no way of vacating, I will be a champion because I am active”  I reckon his words could be transferred into many aspects of our lives. Whether it is the  business you are doing, a project you are creating or a private issue you are handling right now, what matters is being present with it, staying active in it coz that will bring you closer and closer to what you wish to achieve.

* Winners focus on winning. Loosers focus on winners” – it had quite an impact me as I sometimes go the ” they are better than me/ wonder what they do that I do not” zone to be paying closer attention to what somebody else is doing. And I forget about my goal.  No more of that. Thank you Conor.

Light and Hugs from Me

Believing in Me, staying active with Me, visualising Me succeeding,

Me winning.