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Kinda this … kinda that .. I am kinda … etc.

The word “kinda” is just ever present in our society. We kinda do like it, kinda did it, kinda were supposed to try it and we kinda did not. KINDA. DELETE. KINDA. ERASE. KINDA. STOP. And  yes I must confess I used that word as well on way to many occasions in 2016. That “kinda” has led me to procrastination and putting off my dreams. One of my goals for 2017 is to simply get rid of it from my vocabulary and I mean stop using it entirely in my daily dialogue when it comes to my action steps. Therefore I came up with the following substitutes for KINDA:

* I pretty like what I wrote.

* I did 50% of that task.

* I tried that yet it did not work for me.


I intend to live life fully on my terms this year. There is no room for kinda anymore. I declare to eliminate it and do stuff and hustle my dreams require. F*** you kinda. Thank you for showing up.


Light and Hugs from Me