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Hugging me hugging you – is the only human thing I can do for You

Did you know that the word hug derives from the Scandinavian word “hugga” which simply means “to console, to comfort”?  I love hugs, I mean I truly can not imagine life without them! They are the simplest ways to comfort and show affection.

And no no I was not brought up in the family where hugs were given on daily basis. My dad was away for work most of the year and my mum was the one that had to comfort three kiddos. Not an easy job certainly! When my dad was coming back home, I did give hugs and they were reciprocated. I do remember those precious moments as they were rare. And then my mum she was hugging us yet not that often as I guess her priority back then was to keep us safe and healthy as she was basically bringing us on her own.  I also have a memory of being hugged in my romantic relationships and my super immense longing for hugs. I had that urge to be held tight like forever! I was basking in cuddles and I loved that feeling. And then kids, even though I do not have my own yet, I have always been surrounded by them. My nephew – his hugs were and still are the source of the amazing feeling of love and joy  I always sense when embracing him. My best friends’ kiddo who is simply an angel to me, has always been ready to shower me with hugs every time I see him. We can learn so much from kids when it comes to showing true feelings, don’t we?

I reckon, over the years, I have evolved with affection ( yet deep inside I think I have always been liked that I just did not know that) and I shower my friends with hugs every time we meet. I think I have become more open to hugging new friends and strangers as well. Somehow, it has become as natural to me as having a healthy breakfast which is a must to me in the morning! ( High five for oaties!)

HUGS  are the most elementary acts of kindness and humanity we can give to ourselves  (self-care first!) and those around us. Have you ever been hugged so tight you felt the other person’s heartbeat and it all made you feel so safe, so light and calm like you were in a bubble of ever present warmth? I certainly have!

So my piece of advice is this:

Hug someone today as it was the greatest hug you can give and wait until you are let go first.

Hugs are powerful. Hugs are magic. Hugs keep us warm. Hugs unite. Hugs comfort.

Hugs are free.

Light and Hugs from Me