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Overnight oats that you will love for its simplicity and goodness

Overnight oats has had an important place in my morning routine. Its goodness and simplicity allows to prepare them very quickly in the evening.

It takes like five minutes. Honestly!

so  you can enjoy them the next morning, particularly when you are running out of time because your alarm clock did not wake you up on time. It has happened to me recently on few occasions.

I do not feel guilty at all. It looks like my body needed more sleep. That’s all 🙂

What will you need to make them:

*1/2 cup of oats (I went for spelt ones)

*3 tbsp of chia seeds

*1 tbsp of cocoa powder

*3/4 cup of plant milk of your choice (I chose rice milk)

*1tsp of maple syrup (optionally)

*1 sliced banana



Simply add oats and chia seeds to a bowl, then cocoa powder and pour the plant milk. Throw some banana slices and  add maple syrup and Voila!  Throw the bowl in the fridge and indulge in its goodness in the morning!


What a treat! Your body will be grateful.

Have you ever tried overnight oats? What is your favourite recipe? Share so we can all learn from each other how to be healthier.

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