There are hundreds of other websites that you can be browsing right now and if you are reading it, it means you got to my Haven. I want you to know that it means a lot to me, like seriously, from the Moon and back.  I feel like we have known each other for ages ( perhaps we met in past lives doing magic together, exploring  space or maybe you were the one that offered a seat on the bus or granted me with a kind word. True or not, I see you as my friend, my ally even though we have not met in person. Whether you choose to keep on reading or pause and go back to your stuff, please note that  I appreciate your presence here right now and beyond.

Let me invite you to Zesty Life – my haven of joy and zest.

What I do in my haven? I talk about life, zesty life. By zesty I mean life on your terms, life full of ease ( that is my fav word by the way, big kuddos to my mentor Lana), joy, curiosity, healthy food,  self-awareness,  and most importantly, life full of self love and self care predominantly as only then we can serve others.  I created Zesty Life because I began to notice that power was in the decisions I was making everyday. Whatever has been coming into my reality, I did not have to accept it as mine. I had the choice. I know easier said than done. Yet, everything becomes familiar with practice. I have learnt to set my boundaries and standards and I am still evolving in that aspect.  This blog and business are my very first project and my intention for you is to become aware of yourself – your strengths, skills, likes and dislikes, hopes, desires, longings and encourage you to live a zesty life as it is our birth right to live in bliss and happiness. What I mean by zesty living? Imagine this:  listening to your soul and heart daily, following your values, creating stuff, accepting yourself, allowing resistance, learning from all contrast in your life, finding ways to deal with difficulties  with ease and always saying Yes when you mean yes and saying No when you mean no.  I reckon our beliefs and thoughts create our experiences therefore our inner dialogue requires attention on daily basis. So that is what I am holding here – a space to vent your past stories, stories that never defined you anyway, a space to kick start your life so you could NOW  (not later!) say: I AM IN LOVE WITH MY LIFE.  Now, I am far from being perfect ( I have no interest in it), I still make mistakes and sometimes beat myself for them, I have low days when all I wanna do is to hide and stay away from other humans, I dance when I have to release some stuff, I sing when I am very happy, I cry  when I feel like, I criticise and doubt myself, so do not expect here always lovely and polished words of wisdom coz I am still learning. I feel that self-awareness is the key factor in making changes we wish to see in ourselves and soon in the world around us.

Born and raised in Poland,  with passion for teaching, I became an English Teacher. I have always known ( since I was 12 years old to be precise) that I was born to teach. My dad was joking that even my handwriting was teacher like whatever it meant so I just had to be one 🙂 I  adored my students.  I never knew what they would come up with or how the lesson would evolve and I loved that uncertainty.  I also had the curiosity of the world and human potential so with heart ( quite broken that time)  demanding a change, having packed my life in a 20kg suitcase I embarked on a journey to Ireland. I was thrilled one minute to be crying on my friend’s shoulder the second one. I found new love here to loose it years later. It was only then I discovered the profound reason for loosing it: I had to return to loving myself first. Truly, deeply, madly. I fell for ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay and it  became my ‘bible’. The source of my deepest  aha moments, ups and downs, the teacher that reminded me I was the one that had the power to bring back love to myself.

Curious about world, where we come from and our true abilities, I embarked on a never ending journey of self awareness and I have never looked back.

I fell in love with Galway, its vibe and people and I am grateful I am a part of this community. I love sea ( it is my oxygen), veggie food ( if you make a bean or millet burger I am your girl), singing to round hair brush  and writitng ( yep I am writing my first non fiction novel). I am day dreaming about being on Ellen DeGeneres show, visiting a movie behind scenes, recording my own video clip, taking part in a flash mob, skating in Central Park, living in Spain for few months a year and much more.

I am here on a mission to serve others to uncover the love for themselves to live meaningful and zesty life. I believe that  we are the creators of our reality and despite obstacles we face ( I like to call them challenges), we hold the key to change we seek. I bow to you if you are still reading and I am sending you some light and hugs right now.   Since I told you a little bit about myself, now I would like to get to know you. The best way to keep in touch is through my Instagram and Facebook.