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My top six tips to colour the world around you good

Want some tips to colour the world in and around you good?  Let’s get started.

Now, I am not a fairy. I do not hold a magic wand and walk around enchanting the world. Well, I sort of do.  Over the years I discovered my own ways to be in the world and here they are:


And by that I mean self awareness. I reckon Daniel Goleman’s words will be the best here to describe it:

Self-awareness means the ability to monitor our inner world – our thoughts and feelings

It is only when we take a look at our inner world, see what has been going on there, admit we made a mistake, we hurt somebody, we f*ked up, we said something hurtful, make peace with that and accept it as an indispensable part of our human existance and move on. You no longer need to feed yourself with: I should have done that or I shouldn’t/I could have done it the other way. Personally, I think that being self aware is equal to being an active participator in your life rather than a passive observer.

 Once I began to stop and be conscious and reallign, things started to shift.


I no longer was reacting to issues in the same way. I was able to pause, see what was not working for me, I was able to see patterns through which I was sabotaging my life. It definitely paid off.



Blessings rock. I wholeheartedly recommend to bless everyone you pass, every person you talk to. WHY? the answer is simple: Blessings raise both your vibe and the other person too. I remember walking many times, particularly in the morning and saying : ‘I bless you” to every single person I saw. I blessed a dog, birds, I blessed tha passing cars, a bus driver,  It felt good. If felt warm on my heart. And blessings have really high frequency  thus why not make it your daily thing? I assure it does make you feel great. Try it for a day and see how your day goes. After my morning blessing ritual, I am still buzzing and I am basking in that feeling. Today as my day unfolds I will do the blessings as I go, because:

they freaking rock!



This is another amazing tool to raise your vibrations and others too. I remember having really hard time accepting compliments. It felt like they never belonged to me.

I felt awkward!

and my very first response was: Who? Me? – no, do not say that. Look at my hair, disaster!  You have lovely shoes – my repsonse was: my mum bought them, I do not really like them. To be honest, I was not even keen on receiving them, forget about giving ones to other people. A huge shift came from Louise Hay books – she was a true gem of promoting self love ( my post here about her rules for loving yourself). I remember when I first started doing mirror work and say things like: You are pretty, You have beautiful eyes, Your smile is lovely, You are the sunshine, you rock Monika.

It felt uncomfortable and bizzare even.

However, with practice it has become easier. I receive and give compliments and the smile I see on other people faces is the greatest reward and I am sure they feel the same way too.



Dream whatever you like and I mean it. Dream daily about your desires like they are alredy in your life. while you do it, start thinking how you feel having the love of your life, how you feel driving your car, how you feel being a writer, how you feel being a singer, how you feel living the life you desire. Dreams when accompanied by emotions manifest easier. Do not forget to take action though. That helps! 🙂



I love the word and it was my 2017 word. Hey do you guys have your 2018 word by the way?? No, not yet? Then think about it as it is great have a focus word for the full year. Things are happening amazingly right now for me as I deliberately concentrate on my 2018 word. Now, EASE is my favourite one and I always add it to my day when I dream it or bless it. My mentor Lana is the queen of ease and manifesting and she was the one that instgated that in me even before I joined MYLA.

Wonderful experiences began to appear once I added the feeling of ease to whatever I was doing and I can surely say that 2017 was the year of  ease for me.

Ease is easy.

Wherever you go, whatever you do every day, make sure you add pinch of ease for smoother paths, harmonious relationships, uplifting conversations, great sales, prompt completion of projects. for me it is like adding that extra ingredient to your favourite dish just to make it taste better. Ahhhhh… what a feeling 🙂


I love flowers, I mean I simply can not imagine life without them. Flowers make me feel happy, make me smile. Every week, I buy a bunch of them because I feel like it. no occasion. just a wish. It has been my ritual for quite a while . Do you have your favuorite ones? I do and it depends on the season too. Nowadays I go for tulips and daisies. I can not wait for summer and sunflowers. There is something magical when it comes to being surronded by flowers. I feel free. I feel connected. My soul sings. And I guess the feelings of connection and joy I have inside start expanding to the outside world too.

High Five for flower vibes

And you? Do you colour the world good? what are your ways? I would love to know. Comment below and share with friends. Let’s raise the vibartions together.


Light and hugs From Me



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It is never too late … to start over

I have heard it million, if not gazillion times : “It is too late, I can not do it, if it’s meant for me then it will happen”.  Well I say: It is never ever too late to start over your life.

But hey, I can not simply rewind my life.

Nop, indeed. However, you can easily let go of stuff that does not serve your highest good anymore, you can easily regroup and start charging ahead in the wanted direction. I sometimes sing when I feel like I am going upstream. It is one of the ways that allow me to stop and realign within.  Here is the link to my past article about music as it does make me feel alive and makes me feel like I can do stuff again. Choose your power song and sing “It is too late to do this or that” away. Frozen song fits perfectly into that mood:

Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore

I often hear from clients and friends: ” I am stuck, I feel like wherever I turn to, I see blocks”. And it feels like you can not figure it out or you feel like you are not good enough and everything around is just bla blah blah. The truth is that you are never stuck, My Dear, you are evolving. The ‘feeling stuck’ thing is just your fear of moving towards what you truly desire. Because I am telling you: YOU ARE GREAT. YOU WERE CREATED GREAT and you can do amazing things if you choose to see your light inside.  On many occasions, we feel stuck because we can not yet see our ability to shine, we turn to dark place and once we are there, we hide. Because it is easier to sit in  the comfort of darkness. At least, it is the darkness we know. And then it takes one little spark to see the light, to see our greatness.  Why do we not want to see our greatness?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” – Marianne Williamson


We tend to be so hard on ourselves, we fail and we scold ourselves for not doing great. We drag on things we did wrong years ago and thus we carry that energy around us.  That baggage in the form of failure, heartbreaks, negative work experiences, rejections, arguments and the list could go on and on, is truly our treasure as these were merely lessons for us. I get it, at first it is hard enough to see all of that with a positive eye. However, if we allow ourselves to look at those from a different angle, or perhaps allow a mentor, a coach or a good friend to encourage us to stop and ponder for a while what exactly went wrong, why it happened, why we reacted that way etc, only then we can twist all those negative experiences into the ones we would like to have.

 It is never a one stop job.

At least once a year, I will take a piece of paper and do the exercise called Wheel of Life. I bet you have heard about it like many times yet you just either did the exercise half way or simply skipped doing it. And you know what: that is ok as you can do it now. It is never too late.  I do it because I wish to assess where I am in my life to see what is going great for me and what needs more balance or upgrade.  I love the exercise as it clearly shows the areas of your life that could do with some clearing and polishing. And some areas will need a good scrub too. So go ahead grab a piece of paper and draw a fine circle and divide it into the  following:



Once that is done, simple spend some time over each area and pu a dot on the line in each of them. Imagine each line is a scale 1 to 10 and simply choose the place on the line you feel it is.  The below questions can be helpful:

LOVE       – Do you easily give and receive love? Do you feel loved?

HEALTH – Are you happy with your diet? How fit are you? How often do you exercise?

MONEY  – Are you happy with your current income? Is your money mindset doing fine?

CAREER – Are you going into right direction? Is your job the one?

FUN        –  How much fun is in your life right now? Can you be playful?

FAMILY& FRIENDS – Do you feel supported by friends and family? Do you spend quality time with  them?

PERSONAL GROWTH –  Are you aware of your growth? Do you look for ways to develop yourself?

SPIRITUALITY  –  How connected are you to your inner self?

Finished? Great job! Now join up the dots around the circle. what do you see? Does your circle look balanced? Imagine a bike, and look at your circle. Do you think you could ride your bike on circle like that? That exercise gives you a visual representation of your life right now.  Does it make you feel great and joyful or worried and anxious?

If the first ones, then congratulations. If the latter ones, ask yourself: what area could I work on first and what one action step could I take right now to change it?

We all are moving either upstream or downstream. Learning about yourself is an ongoing process and only those who are willing to look within, assess and take lessons and make new approaches toward them,  can shift mindset so it guides them to flow downstream. The path of ease.  what about you? Have you ever felt stuck? If so, how did you deal with that feeling? What made you move forward? Share some insights below in comments. You never know what benefit and impact it may have on somebody’s else life.

And remember and remind yourself this:

it is never ever too late to start over!


Light and Hugs from Me






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Tips that helped me shift my limiting beliefs and live more joyful life

Want some of my tips that helped me shift my limiting beliefs to live more joyful life ? So many of us walk around, carrying heavy baggage in the form of limiting beliefs forgetting that we could all live happier life  if we intended to.  I mean, how many times have you been in a situation that you kept going on the repetition mode and asking:

How the hell I ended up doing the same thing again? 

and saying:

I am not good enough. I quit. I can’t. what a mess!

I have been there for sure. Countless times questioning and doubting myself and it was not the lightest state of mind. It made me feel unworthy, unheard. It made me feel like I was failing.

I was spinning like a hamster in a wheel. It was a vicious circle.

Here is my shortcut tips to twist your mind so it encourages you to live in more joyful and mindful state of mind.

DECLUTERRING  Look around you, inspect your wardrobe and your bedside lockers for old clothes, check your cupboards for any expired products. I mean like give it a thorough check because whatever is piling up in those niches, is piling up in your life too. I remember having so many clothes yet every time I opened my wardrobe, I kept saying: I have nothing to wear.  I recall days when I would open my fridge or cupboard and said: What am I going to cook?  I felt disappointed and I was struggling with organising all of that mess. I felt discouraged. And then I discovered one book and the author encourged me warmly to get rid of unwanted and not needed clutter. I felt like she gave me a helping hand in arranging my life.  Check out  this  book. I think it is life changing.

Out of sight out of mind – they say.

And I agree.  Clear what is no longer serving you and  mean it. Be firm when you throw  worn out clothes. We tend to hold on a sentimental chain and that chain keeps us locked in the clutter.  My tips on clothes declutter:

Prepare three bags or cardboxes and label them:     YES            NO         I DON’T KNOW

Take each item and ask those questions:  Do I need it? and Do I feel good about it?

I would encourage you to spend no more than 30 seconds thinking about the answers. Why? Because during those 30 seconds you listen to you intuition. Afterwards, your brain steps in protecting you with suggestions: I will need it for sure. Oh that is my favourite cardigan I got from Ann etc. Do the above with all products in your kitchen, your bathroom and your books. I am telling you, your mind will be extremely thankful to you.

JOURNALLING  Say what? writing?  Yes, do yourself a favour and start writing a journal. My suggestion is to buy the one that makes you smile every time you look at it. It makes it easier to reach for items that evoke good feelings.

So many thoughts were written here:

Start with one page a day. Do not overhwelm yourself at the start and commit to three or more. I guarantee you there will be days when you do not feel like writing anything and having 3 or more pages in mind – the task  can be quite daunting at the beginning.  write about anything. whatever your mind whispers. I have been journaling now for years with breaks yet I feel it is one of the simplest ways to see our true thoughts, our beliefs about world, about ourselves. It allows us to look inside of our souls  and take a thorough inventory of stuff no longer serving our highest good.

MEDITATING Make it your daily routine. Be it a 1 minute or 5 minute meditation. Set aside time for being with yourself.  Close your eyes. Breathe slowly. At the beginning, I started with a five minute meditations where I would sit and repeat the two words:


I gradually moved to guided mediations and mantra meditations. Was it challenging? Yes, 100%. I felt so much resistance, I could find distarction easily.  I found many other things way more interesting than sitting still by myself. Yes practice makes perfect and within weeks it began to be easier. I made meditation my ally and we have had a wonderful relationship so far. Give it a go. You have nothing to loose!

FORGIVING  Now that was the hardest one I embarked on. I realised that  it was not that easy peasy task to perform. I hesitated. I struggled and to be honest I did not want to.

I was clinging to past experiences because I felt hurt by others.

And when I heard that forgivness was our key to  having more joyful and fulfilling life, that it really meant returning to love, I did not want to believe it. I was in a victim mode and forgiving the other person meant I was the one to be blamed.

It was my ego talking through me.

After listening to Louise Hay, I become more open to being forgiving. And the first person I granted that forgivness was myself.  I started to write small notes of forgiveness to myself and then longer letters to those who hurt me and who I hurt too. It was painful.

Many tears were shed.

Yet it was liberating of all the pain and resentment I was holding to. It became my daily habit to forgive myself by simply saying: I forgive you –  to myself in mirror.  Yes, it sucks at the beginning, it feels uncomfortable and yes you do not want to look into your eyes. Once you become your best friend it changes. Forgiveness is returing to loving yourself.


I must say it is still a journey for me, I catch myself from  holding back from time to time. I sometimes will throw stuff  in one corner of the  room and do not  organise it for a week. I may skip my morning meditation and journaling because I am running late. However, thanks to the above tips I once learnt about, my self awareness has grown. Now I have tools that help me embrace my negative feelings knowing that those low energies will pass. Now I hold the keys to decluttering my physical and mental space.

And it feels lighter. It feels like joy.

What about you? Are you living your life to your most joyful capacity? Have you practiced any of the above or perhaps you developed your own habits that make you wake up in joy? I would love to hear them.


Light and Hugs From Me


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Four reasons why unwinding by the sea is good for your mental health

Unwinding By The Sea By

When I was a little girl I used to spend my summer holidays either on summer camps in the mountains or at my grandparents’ house in the country. I loved the smell of freshly cut grass, ripe fruit easily picked from the trees and the taste of the fresh veggies straight from the garden. I felt such freedom while running around the house or climbing the trees (I loved that part mostly). Unwinding there was my little haven.

Sea was hardly ever my option.


From the age of fifteen, I began to enjoy almost every summer at my mum’s parents place near the sea. When I look back, I recall sitting on the beach in the evening, watching the sunset meeting the horizon to eventually melt with the sea surface.

I loved that view. And I loved the sound of waves.


It always made me feel serene and safe. (Check this beautiful sound here ) The love for the sea remained and I am very grateful that I have been living in Galway as I always have a chance to go to the beach and bask in the view and sound of the sea. Seaside has been my happy place for a long time and these are my four reasons why I reckon it is great for our mental health:

Humans tend to connect more often
I think being near water has made me more joyful and more connected to people as whenever I go for a swim I always attract amazing conversations with strangers and they have been very interesting ones as I always learn something new.  For instance, this week I got to hear about life in Ireland in 1947. Sea prompts me to be more open with people and share some stories with them too. It is a great way to either take whatever a person is telling you about or leave it at the ocean doorstep. You never know the impact a person may have on you.

Ocean makes our worries lessen and clearer decisions emerge
I realised that staring at the vast surface of the ocean allowed me to put whatever was on my mind, into a different perspective. I actually could look at my issues with a kinder eye and a lighter heart.  Grasping the abundance of water in front of me makes me surrender and give all my worries and doubt away and the funny thing is that it does not ask you for anything in exchange.
So many of small and big decisions were made here…:  

Sea evokes the urge to  embrace your physical condition
Dipping my toes or swimming in the sea (I try to swim as often as I can all year round – check my post about All year round swimming)  makes happy hormones – endorphins appear and I always feel like a brand new human and the smile does not leave my face.  I can no stress enough how much swimming impacted my physicality, I feel like I can climb the mountains.

Thus my the feeling in my body always changes for better.

Being at the sea vents our emotions
Stress level decreased. Every time I was experiencing some unpleasant circumstances I would try to be as close as possible to the sea. Not only has it been facilitating my breathing in those moments, it was gently rubbing the sadness and anger off my mind and soul as well. Imagine the sea as your best buddy whom you met for cuppa and give all your doubts, worries and cries. What a great place to leave all that no longer serves you. Each of us needs a downtime place – our bliss place where worries fade, mind quietens and soul gets nourished.

I found it at the seaside.
I found it in the warmth or coldness of the sand.
I found it in the depth of blue water.
I found it in the ocean breeze.

And you? What is your bliss place? Do you find the above at the sea or would you rather find it in the mountains or forest? What is your WHY when you decide? Is a matter of having thus internal guide telling you exactly where to go or do you have  its proximity in mind? Perhaps it is a situation or person  that brings back the memories.

Comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts. As always,


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Zesty Waffles my culinary 2018 thing

I got a beautiful waffle maker as a Christmas gift. Kudos to my sista Inese! Waffles have been on my mind for quite a while. Perhaps it was due to my fond memories of my auntie who passed many years ago, and she used to make lovely heart shaped waffles for me and my siblings every time we were visiting her during summer.  I always remember the smell of waffles and the delish apple sauce she used to put on the top of them. Yummy! It feels like I have attracted the waffle  maker so once it made its place on the counter, the process of waffles making has begun.

Here is my latest recipe:    

* 3 tbsp. of oats flour

* 3 tbsp of spelt flour

*5 tbsp of rice flour

*1 tbsp of maple syrup

*2 tbsp of coconut oil

*1/2 tsp of gluten free baking soda

* 1 tsp of cinammon

*1 cup of plant milk of your choice ( I used rice milk in that recipe)

Mix all the ingredients together. If the consistency is too thick, then go ahead and add more rice milk.

Waffle maker should be ready by now to welcome new waffles. I spread some coconut oil inside and pour the cake . Some waffles will take a bit longer if you wish them to be more ‘crispy’. use your own judgement when it comes to how long you should keep them in the maker. I just keep on taking a peek if they are ready. 😀

those ones are topped with berries smoothie and dark chocolate spread and almond flakes . and voila!




Light and hugs from me


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Assess Me Not

When I was in school, I was told that good grades would get me a successful life. That was the secret, I thought. I was a good student in primary school, quite good in high school too, however that was the time when I started to believe the idea was completely false. How could a grade determine whether I was going to succeed or not? I was quick to understand that education goes way beyond any classroom.  As I was growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and I was looking forward to becoming one. So, I did. I got to teach in high school and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My students made every day different and funny. I never knew what I would experience during the class and I liked that. What I did not like was the old foundations of the educational system itself. Back then, I was a young teacher, still studying and I began to question what I was taught in college, my work and school curriculum. At college, I saw my classmates being determined to get the best grades because they were noticed and put on pedestal. I felt abandoned in a way as by getting 58% in a descriptive grammar test (subject I have no use now whatsoever) made me feel like I was not going to be a good teacher. I was studying late at night to meet all expectations of a good student. I did not like all subjects, some of them were boring and some lecturers were not making the effort to create classes more interesting. My motivation and interest were fading and subsequently my grades too. On numerous occasions, I was told both indirectly and directly that I was failing. I felt miserable as not getting to a certain percentage level, I was being treated like a loser. It was an internal fight foe me as I knew I was meant to teach yet my marks were showing that I was not good enough.  Then at school, I saw restrictions of the system itself. The amount of paperwork kept increasing, leaving less potential for teaching. it felt daunting and annoying. Moreover, my students were reporting that that are bored during other classes and that was the moment when I realised that the school curriculum was operating on a quite old system that let’s be honest, was not serving students. I began to steer away from curriculum a bit as I really wanted to keep my peeps engaged. So, I had to come up with new ideas. How on earth I could base my teaching on system that was eighty years old that time? Once I started to apply some new projects and classroom activities, my students began to be more willing to participate, they were given a chance to express themselves, their uniqueness was noticed, and they helped one another. I enjoyed seeing them progress.

 In my opinion, I owe that to the education system that is old, rigid and lacks flexibility. The same system got me question my abilities, my strengths and till today it leaves so many “average” students unnoticed. the system encourages to have good grades, graduate, get a secure job (because it is too scary to go for a job you really want) and not to consider your potential. Loads of stuff taught in school, has no practicality when we step into the real life.  Why there is no room for subjects like: dealing with stress, creative writing, find your calling, discover your strengths?  Why students are forced to read texts, books that quite frequently, they find hard to understand (coz they were written millions of years ago)? The system that perhaps was working 100 years ago, keeps failing students and I feel it failed me too. My passion for teaching was succumbed by the system that was telling me that according to my grades I was not doing well. It hurt so much as you know when you have that desire in your heart, you can hear your calling and it is so strong and you know that this is the only profession you can see yourself in. I can only think of one teacher in college who taught methodology and I adored her. Not only was she like a fresh air to the dull classroom teaching yet she also encouraged us to show her who we were. She listened to us and she accepted our ways of acquiring information during class. We were talking a lot, and everyone could choose the place to sit. I chose the desk and I kept moving. I loved that freedom and guess what: I thrived during the classes. Why? I guess my teacher was willing to test new waters and we went for a dive with her. Yeah, every class was like a diving board- a beautiful tool to delve into our potential. I am thankful for those classes – they made me believe I could aspire to be a great teacher.

I reckon that current education has instigated fear based learning. Students are paralysed to fail. I was one of them in college. I had late night learning. I saw number of my classmates cheating on tests, I heard number of students getting into colleges just to get a degree (coz you know it is a guarantee of a good job (security). I saw numerous teachers putting labels on students because they kept getting lower grades. Instead of adopting a mindset of a seeker, many of us have been living in a survival mode nowadays. Conditional learning + Good grades = good secure job = success. That is a common equation where ‘cans’ and cant’s’ are still prevailing. Grades do not determine our success. It’s about time the system was altered. Education is to be enlightening, challenging, inspiring, fun. It is to help us uncover our passions, potential, focus on developing our strengths. Personally, I think this is the equation of a good education: passions+ curiosity + commitment + positive mindset = success. My message to all students: Once you get a lower grade, please do not beat yourself up, do not criticise. Instead, look at that grade and say out loud: You will not define me


Light and Hugs from Me


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New Year New Zest

Festive time and New Years Eve usually make us ponder more about life, we pause and we think about the year past. I felt that way this year too. I spent  Christmas at home in Poland and I could not refrain from reflecting on the year gone. Do not get me wrong I think there is so much value in revisiting the experiences you had. I actually wrote a list of what I achieved last year and it put a smile on my face as so many dreams came true. I also took down my vision board and put it on the table. While I was coming to sit on the sofa, I accidentally hit my knee against the glass table and the pain was  excruciating to the extent that it made me cry. So here I was sitting and looking at my 2017 vision board, crying because of the pain and it hit me: I was not merely sobbing due to the physical pain, it was also due to all those images that has not come into my reality yet.   The feeling of not being good enough came back to me, the feeling of loneliness appeared, the feeling of being judged emerged. I scolded myself. I felt like I was wrapped in quite a blanket of emotions and it brought me to my knees. I wished there was a quick fix to that miserable state of being. Who does not want a magic pill to get over all those negative emotions faster, right? But hey, life is not about shortcuts nor ready made remedies. Instead of going into the pity party mode ( that used to be me ages ago), I took  some deep breaths in ( I have learned the Wim Hof breathing technique – I will share my experience about that in other post) and stopped at every single image on my vision board that has not showed up yet.  Not only had I noticed that I  made such  great expectations of myself but I also came to a greater realisation: I did not take a consistent action in order to achieve them. I actually quit half way on some of my desires, I gave up and the reason for that appeared suddenly as well. I was scared to change direction of my life ( even tough the images on vision board were showing that it was something I dreamt about) as it meant going into unknown and being vulnerable as never before should my dreams come true. That fear of being seen as I am, the fear of being judged has been hanging in there, stopping me from celebrating dreams now. What struck me even more was that I looked up to others for acceptance, for approval that it was alright for me to grow. Even my body has been giving me signs that I was stamping my feet in the same place as the pain in my joints got worse. It became clear to me that my mind has been affecting the way I feel physically too.
So today, as I was wiping the tears  crawling on my cheeks, still feeling that I failed myself, I wrote a permission slip to myself: “Every day as I wake up, I accept myself the way I am and I accept the way I feel and I move forward slowly yet steadily.  I also did a short meditation as I felt like it was the best thing I could do. Afterwards, I picked one desire I would like to come to fruition this year and I took one small step towards it. I sent one email I was contemplating for so long. Did it scare me? Yes. Did it excite me? Hell, yeah. And it did liberate me from the handcuffs of fear of being visible. The relief I feel now is so immense. Mistakes, failures, fears – they do not define you or me!
What I would like you to get from my today’s experience is this: when facing unpleasant circumstances, when you feel lost or broken, when you feel depressed, not good enough, please do not feel bad because you are experiencing all those negative emotions, do not hide them and pretend they did not make you feel miserable or cranky or anxious. Do not sweep them under the carpet. Instead make them your allies as they are the moments in life you grow, and take a small step to achieve your goals or improve your circumstances. Please remember, every time you reach a low point in life, embrace it, surrender to it and accept it (acceptance does miracles)  as from LOW there is only one way: UP!  and you have time to get there!
Happy New and Zesty Year Folks
2018 – Year of self acceptance and more visibility for me.
I raise a glass of kombucha to learn to raise above any challenges in 2018
What about you? What is 2018 going to be about for you?
Light and Hugs from Me

Monika  {)ii(}

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Wishing Myself this Christmas

I am in my family home in Poland, celebrating Christmas and I am in awe of how much Christmas wishes we send to those around us and far away, neglecting the person closest to us – YOU!
I have been thinking about it recently and it struck me that we abandon wishes for ourselves. because it is weird, because who sends wishes to themselves? I mean, come on, wishing something yourself looks silly, awkward.  I know I wanna wish those around me lovely time because it is important to me, however this year I thought about myself first and I challenge you to do it as well.
My wishes to Me:
“My Dear Monika, my best buddy, my super girl, I wish you peace of mind and relaxation as I know you have worked hard all year. I wish you more ease coz I know ease has been important to you. I also wish you creative time coz I know how much you love expressing yourself when you have more free time. I wish you more awareness when being judgemental and ways to drop the judgement more easily because I know it has been bothering you too much this year. Most importantly, I wish you to  open your heart widely and show your vulnerability as I know that your deepest desire is to love immensely.
with all my love, Me to You.
Merry everything and a happy always :)”
Light and Hugs to you
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Hand luggage only is my holiday one and only

Heavy suitcase, luggage charges, anxious you are not going to catch the bus due to the long luggage discharge after landing? I have been there!  But I got myself sorted and so can you. Swap your baggage for cabin luggage (oh rhymes!) when you travel. That has been my mojo for the last seven years now and I have not looked back once.

I know and  I hear you saying: ‘But I have so many things to carry with me! I need this dress and that T-shirt and oh  damn where will I pack the third pair of shoes?” I hear ya sister or brother!  Countless stuff to pack that I simply did not even wear once when I travelled. How crazy was that?! Not to mention space it was taking up.  So I decided to stop. Basta! No more! Farewell to heavy baggage! I actually felt pretty light when I made up my mind. Out of sight out of mind  – so they say. Clearing your wardrobe and chest of drawers before that helps immensely. Yet this is another post to write sometime later.

So once before my voyage to Barcelona, I opened my little navy blue hand luggage ( I love navy – I am a sea girl!) and I was like: “Where for God’s sake am I supposed to put all of my stuff? This bag is way too small!” It is hilarious how quickly we go back to the old habit once we decide to commence a new one. Challenges! But I do like them!

I opened my wardrobe and threw all summer clothes. It was October yet the weather there was amazingly sunny and well I was to wear some of them in the end.  I sat and thought and thought and thought and finally I came up with the written list of my must haves:

  • a small bag (colour depends on my mood – no it doesn’t! 😀 )
  • a purse – eh no – small tiny one to have my card, travel document ( thank you for Polish IDs – credit card size and it gets you everywhere in Europe)
  • underwear – always new for each day ( hey panties!)
  • two swimming suits – I love swimming
  • three pairs of shorts
  • two dresses (I tend to choose those that do not require ironing)
  • colourful tops – my favourite ones
  • three pairs of shoes ( those include trainers I wear when travelling, flat sandals and sports sandals for comfort when sightseeing)

On me: jacket or hoody, scarf, jeans, sunglasses and the biggest shoes ( trainers for me!) It is amazing how many items your body can contain. What a great vehicle!

Additionally, I pack toiletries (essential oils are my no. 1, toothbrush, small toothpaste, face cream, sun cream and mascara and lip balm and lipstick),  phone charger, current book I  am reading and a note book ( there is always some inspiration emerging when I am totally relaxed in new places).  The above list of clothes keeps changing due to the seasons obviously.

I always think if a given item is going to be useful before I throw it in the luggage – I avoid taking stuff just in case. When in doubt, I consult my intuition – it always knows best.

One thing I have learnt from travelling with hand luggage is this:

The lighter it is the fewer worries and discomfort I have. And lets be honest our  well being and mood are a key while travelling.

Prepare your bag wisely and stay happy!


Light and Hugs From Me



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Hugging me hugging you – is the only human thing I can do for You

Did you know that the word hug derives from the Scandinavian word “hugga” which simply means “to console, to comfort”?  I love hugs, I mean I truly can not imagine life without them! They are the simplest ways to comfort and show affection.

And no no I was not brought up in the family where hugs were given on daily basis. My dad was away for work most of the year and my mum was the one that had to comfort three kiddos. Not an easy job certainly! When my dad was coming back home, I did give hugs and they were reciprocated. I do remember those precious moments as they were rare. And then my mum she was hugging us yet not that often as I guess her priority back then was to keep us safe and healthy as she was basically bringing us on her own.  I also have a memory of being hugged in my romantic relationships and my super immense longing for hugs. I had that urge to be held tight like forever! I was basking in cuddles and I loved that feeling. And then kids, even though I do not have my own yet, I have always been surrounded by them. My nephew – his hugs were and still are the source of the amazing feeling of love and joy  I always sense when embracing him. My best friends’ kiddo who is simply an angel to me, has always been ready to shower me with hugs every time I see him. We can learn so much from kids when it comes to showing true feelings, don’t we?

I reckon, over the years, I have evolved with affection ( yet deep inside I think I have always been liked that I just did not know that) and I shower my friends with hugs every time we meet. I think I have become more open to hugging new friends and strangers as well. Somehow, it has become as natural to me as having a healthy breakfast which is a must to me in the morning! ( High five for oaties!)

HUGS  are the most elementary acts of kindness and humanity we can give to ourselves  (self-care first!) and those around us. Have you ever been hugged so tight you felt the other person’s heartbeat and it all made you feel so safe, so light and calm like you were in a bubble of ever present warmth? I certainly have!

So my piece of advice is this:

Hug someone today as it was the greatest hug you can give and wait until you are let go first.

Hugs are powerful. Hugs are magic. Hugs keep us warm. Hugs unite. Hugs comfort.

Hugs are free.

Light and Hugs from Me