I have recently “discovered” a colouring book titled: “Calming Colouring Patterns” and it has been my new companion weekly companion ever since. When I colour in, I am back in time and my fond childhood memories are alive. What a fun state to indulge in for a little while. I really enjoy it. Not only it evokes the kid inside yet it makes me unwind and express my feelings in the form of colours. I am sometimes surprised by the combinations of colours  I am coming up with, however I guess it is my internal voice speaking through the crayoons I choose.

And it does have a great benefit: it  reduces the stress. During that activity our brain is so engaged in colours and patterns, thus the full attention goes to the present moment, that it is subsequently prohibiting the external, frequently disturbing thoughts from entering our minds.

I think I will go further with colouring and make even more time for it. I have also seen books with colourful mandalas. Mandalas are the ancient form of a meditation art and they appear to have a healing power on our bodies and souls.  Have fun times with picking up your own colouring book and filling it with the shades your inside voice whispers.

Hugs and Light From Me