Are you Creator or Victim?

‘She said I was too judgemental’; He said that I was not good at it’; I can not believe that it happened to me’; How on earth she could do that to me’,  ‘Why they always choose him instead of me?’;  ‘What’s wrong with me?’.  Because my teacher never told me that, becausei  got stuck in traffic, because I did not manage to get time to prepare for that, because it was my dad’s fault, because I just have bad luck, because I felt so low that day, because of what he told me it just changed my mood for the whole day, because she did not have that ready for me on Friday and many more I hear people saying.  And sometimes I wanna stop them and say: ‘What the hell you are saying? You created this.’  ‘Me?’ – they say. I did not ask for that. No way’.  There is always someone else to be blamed for not being on time, not getting the job you wanted, the preferred dates for summer holidays etc and the list can go on. I am so freaking bored with hearing stuff like that. We HUMANS must realise that we are in control of our circumstances and more importantly we have a total control of our reaction to what is happening to us.

It all revolves around either Victim or Creator realities.  In my experience, I have come up with a few particular traits of those two poles.

VICTIMS usually complain, make others blame for their situation, point their weaknesses,  are jealous that you are succeeding and you definitely must have had a relative working there to get that job,  they create black coloured ultimate scenarios, they see problems as giant rocks that can not be removed and they give up.

CREATORS look forward to unfolding of a given situation with open mind,  concentrate on their potential, stay motivated, search for inspiration, they want to improve, they ask for help if they feel they need it, they are open to new things, they leave their comfort zones to have new experiences. And the deal breaker here: Creators TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their lives.

I will be honest I did and sometimes I fall back into Victim role though it is very seldom thing for me to do nowadays. If that occurs, I know I have a choice in my reaction to what is happening to me. It is so easy and convenient to stay in a comfort zone of victimising yourself. Yet believe me nothing grows there.  I choose to be Creator every day ( and yes that journey has rocks and bumps) but then which path doesn’t?  I would like to rise your  and other people awareness to shift from victim to creator role as I believe we have so much potential that is being wasted, hidden or lost simply because we choose not to go for what we want and succumb to circumstances.  Once creation is your goal,  you not only improve your life yet the lives of those around you.

Light and Hugs from Me