I have been meditating for over a year regularly. Although the beginning was quite rocky: not being able to sit still for five minutes, getting angry at myself that I can not complete that simple task, I managed to calm my mind and continued that wonderful journey of meditation. Yes, it was hard as I thought I would be able to meditate like straight away and was putting myself under the pressure of twenty minutes which I just could not accomplish. To be honest, throwing myself into twenty minutes was like swimming for five minutes with no wet suit in Galway Bay in January, with no former swimming at all. It was frustrating so I reduced the “pace” to five minutes to start with. And I can not stress enough the number of “positive side effects” I have experienced and those are my TOP FIVE:



I approach my days with a quiet and balanced mind. My new normal is aiming toward feeling calm and quiet the moment I wake up.



I feel happier. I feel content. I am stress free. It is like my mind is an empty bowl ready to be filled with the beautiful thoughts. If sometimes I wake up and already know it is not my day, mediation does its work and allows me to have the space to vent not feeling great into more pleasant feeling. For instance if I wake up feeling angry, afterwards I tend to feel resentful. Getting one step closer to feeling better.


Meditation had enhanced my  focus and attention.  It has been way easier for me to concentrate on particular tasks and things I want to do.  My mind tends to  follow its compass  to be focused on what I choose.


My Intuition has evolved enormously.  I always listen to my heart – my inside voice which  guides me whether I am looking for an answer for a particular question or a choice I am about to make. However, due to meditation, it has doubled. I am truly amazed!


My self – awareness has increased in a sense that I have become more present with my feelings, my strengths. I think I even became more creative. And also I made myself a priority – my self care.

Try it. Be it two or five minutes to begin. Try to make meditating your habit so it becomes indispensable part of your daily routine. Like brushing your teeth.

Light and Hugs From Me