I am certain all your Christmas gifts are already wrapped and ready to be given to your loved ones and friends. Yet, have you thought about a present for yourself? Yes, for yourself.  I reckon that the best one you can give yourself is the gift of forgiveness.  Forgive Not Forget .We tend to forget about  all those hurtful words we heard and unpleasant situations we were put into. However, forgetting holds us in the past as sometimes we come back to those memories of the hurt and grief when a word or a person triggers it and the negative thoughts are flooding our minds again, leaving us in a quite miserable state.  And those moments come back and they will until we allow forgiveness to step in.

Ghandi once said:  “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
How about you apply some strength this Christmas  and forgive? 🙂

Happy Christmas!

Hugs and Light from me,