Unwinding By The Sea By Zesty-Life.com

When I was a little girl I used to spend my summer holidays either on summer camps in the mountains or at my grandparents’ house in the country. I loved the smell of freshly cut grass, ripe fruit easily picked from the trees and the taste of the fresh veggies straight from the garden. I felt such freedom while running around the house or climbing the trees (I loved that part mostly). Unwinding there was my little haven.

Sea was hardly ever my option.


From the age of fifteen, I began to enjoy almost every summer at my mum’s parents place near the sea. When I look back, I recall sitting on the beach in the evening, watching the sunset meeting the horizon to eventually melt with the sea surface.

I loved that view. And I loved the sound of waves.


It always made me feel serene and safe. (Check this beautiful sound here ) The love for the sea remained and I am very grateful that I have been living in Galway as I always have a chance to go to the beach and bask in the view and sound of the sea. Seaside has been my happy place for a long time and these are my four reasons why I reckon it is great for our mental health:

Humans tend to connect more often
I think being near water has made me more joyful and more connected to people as whenever I go for a swim I always attract amazing conversations with strangers and they have been very interesting ones as I always learn something new.  For instance, this week I got to hear about life in Ireland in 1947. Sea prompts me to be more open with people and share some stories with them too. It is a great way to either take whatever a person is telling you about or leave it at the ocean doorstep. You never know the impact a person may have on you.

Ocean makes our worries lessen and clearer decisions emerge
I realised that staring at the vast surface of the ocean allowed me to put whatever was on my mind, into a different perspective. I actually could look at my issues with a kinder eye and a lighter heart.  Grasping the abundance of water in front of me makes me surrender and give all my worries and doubt away and the funny thing is that it does not ask you for anything in exchange.
So many of small and big decisions were made here…:  

Sea evokes the urge to  embrace your physical condition
Dipping my toes or swimming in the sea (I try to swim as often as I can all year round – check my post about All year round swimming)  makes happy hormones – endorphins appear and I always feel like a brand new human and the smile does not leave my face.  I can no stress enough how much swimming impacted my physicality, I feel like I can climb the mountains.

Thus my the feeling in my body always changes for better.

Being at the sea vents our emotions
Stress level decreased. Every time I was experiencing some unpleasant circumstances I would try to be as close as possible to the sea. Not only has it been facilitating my breathing in those moments, it was gently rubbing the sadness and anger off my mind and soul as well. Imagine the sea as your best buddy whom you met for cuppa and give all your doubts, worries and cries. What a great place to leave all that no longer serves you. Each of us needs a downtime place – our bliss place where worries fade, mind quietens and soul gets nourished.

I found it at the seaside.
I found it in the warmth or coldness of the sand.
I found it in the depth of blue water.
I found it in the ocean breeze.

And you? What is your bliss place? Do you find the above at the sea or would you rather find it in the mountains or forest? What is your WHY when you decide? Is a matter of having thus internal guide telling you exactly where to go or do you have  its proximity in mind? Perhaps it is a situation or person  that brings back the memories.

Comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts. As always,