Christmas appears to be quite a time for self reflection for everyone. I reckon I was like that in the past as well. I would think about all the wonderful people I have in my life and the beautiful things I gathered over the years, when that cheerful time of the year was approaching. However, since my attitude towards life shifted, so did the self reflection and appreciation and I became a gratitude person.

Being grateful was not always easy for me, particularly when I was caught in unpleasant situations as I tended to focus on all the unnecessary negative moments and thus gratitude was simply excluded. I just did not see the point for feeling grateful when things were not going my way.

The shift occurred when my body ultimately screamed for attention. And, hey, it was still quite a dramatic time for me, yet subconsciously I knew I had to commence doing things differently. So I started with being grateful for everything. For the air I breathe, for my eyes that allow to me see all the beautiful scenery around me, for having coffee with my friend, for waking up in the morning. Yes, it felt weird to say it out loud. It felt unnatural to me as well. Nonetheless with time, that shift began to be smoother and once I started to write down all the things I am grateful for, it has even become more joyful to see on the paper how blessed I was to be able to have it all in my life.

I have been practising gratitude every single day and  I write my Gratitude Journal on daily basis. I warmly encourage you to put pen to paper and give it a go. It does kick miracles as your thoughts began to concentrate around goodness. I believe once you open yourself to being and feeling grateful, you are making space for more gratitude to come in.  Ask yourself today: What am I grateful for? and dedicate some time right now to evolve the gratitude approach. I am certain you will fill that blank page in your notebook quickly and I can assure you that being thankful is an extremely rewarding feeling 🙂

Hugs and light from me,