My favourite colour is navy blue. It’s always been navy blue. I feel a strong connection to it since I was a teenager. And although I would be drawn to different colours along the years and tend to be attracted to turquoise now, navy blue is my core colour. However, when it comes to money, I have always thought red was the colour for my wallet. The reason I believed it was that red is the colour of root chakra which reflects our financials. So over the past years, I have had mainly red wallets. I even purchased a red one nearly a month ago to only discover that my presumptions about it were incorrect. And I felt a huge relief as I actually feel no joy looking at my last one. Recently, I have encountered Patricia Lohan’s website which mentioned  attracting more financial abundance by starting with my wallet. I didn’t hesitate long and I emailed my name and date of birth to Patricia. I was actually expecting the perfect color to be red. To my surprise, perfect colors for my wallet turned out to be: black, blue or green. If you wish to get to know your colour, you can check out this link:

Perfect Wallet

I am now in search for a new wallet. The one that will appeal to me. The one that every time I look at it, it will make me smile and be my magnet for wealth. I am looking forward then to welcome new energy flow around my financials. Surely, new wallet won’t magically make money show up, however I am convinced it is a very basic step to open the door to more abundance. As it is like with everything else, once we clear the stagnant energy around particular area of our lives, we make space to enhance fresh flow of new energy.

With Light and Hugs