Heavy suitcase, luggage charges, anxious you are not going to catch the bus due to the long luggage discharge after landing? I have been there!  But I got myself sorted and so can you. Swap your baggage for cabin luggage (oh rhymes!) when you travel. That has been my mojo for the last seven years now and I have not looked back once.

I know and  I hear you saying: ‘But I have so many things to carry with me! I need this dress and that T-shirt and oh  damn where will I pack the third pair of shoes?” I hear ya sister or brother!  Countless stuff to pack that I simply did not even wear once when I travelled. How crazy was that?! Not to mention space it was taking up.  So I decided to stop. Basta! No more! Farewell to heavy baggage! I actually felt pretty light when I made up my mind. Out of sight out of mind  – so they say. Clearing your wardrobe and chest of drawers before that helps immensely. Yet this is another post to write sometime later.

So once before my voyage to Barcelona, I opened my little navy blue hand luggage ( I love navy – I am a sea girl!) and I was like: “Where for God’s sake am I supposed to put all of my stuff? This bag is way too small!” It is hilarious how quickly we go back to the old habit once we decide to commence a new one. Challenges! But I do like them!

I opened my wardrobe and threw all summer clothes. It was October yet the weather there was amazingly sunny and well I was to wear some of them in the end.  I sat and thought and thought and thought and finally I came up with the written list of my must haves:

  • a small bag (colour depends on my mood – no it doesn’t! 😀 )
  • a purse – eh no – small tiny one to have my card, travel document ( thank you for Polish IDs – credit card size and it gets you everywhere in Europe)
  • underwear – always new for each day ( hey panties!)
  • two swimming suits – I love swimming
  • three pairs of shorts
  • two dresses (I tend to choose those that do not require ironing)
  • colourful tops – my favourite ones
  • three pairs of shoes ( those include trainers I wear when travelling, flat sandals and sports sandals for comfort when sightseeing)

On me: jacket or hoody, scarf, jeans, sunglasses and the biggest shoes ( trainers for me!) It is amazing how many items your body can contain. What a great vehicle!

Additionally, I pack toiletries (essential oils are my no. 1, toothbrush, small toothpaste, face cream, sun cream and mascara and lip balm and lipstick),  phone charger, current book I  am reading and a note book ( there is always some inspiration emerging when I am totally relaxed in new places).  The above list of clothes keeps changing due to the seasons obviously.

I always think if a given item is going to be useful before I throw it in the luggage – I avoid taking stuff just in case. When in doubt, I consult my intuition – it always knows best.

One thing I have learnt from travelling with hand luggage is this:

The lighter it is the fewer worries and discomfort I have. And lets be honest our  well being and mood are a key while travelling.

Prepare your bag wisely and stay happy!


Light and Hugs From Me