You crave that cuppa of coffee in the morning and you crave it later while on “coffee break”. It gives you  boost

(apparently), it smells lovely, it just tastes good. And you don’t even have to think  twice about getting that cuppa. You know it is your thing so you are getting it. The coffee smell is spreading around you, you feel good. You feel warm and rejuvenated.  You have a first sip – aaawww what a feeling!

It amazes me how much attention we are giving to a cup of coffee. And I was also one of the people who was a coffee enthusiast. It surely was my thing at 11 o’clock every day. And I have been pondering lately about applying those feelings of warmth, joy, happiness, energy and boost to ourselves. What a great cuppa of self that would be!  Self love is an indispensable part of my life and I wish everyone could practise it on daily basis.

So perhaps next time you have your cup of coffee and you come up with all those wonderful benefits it has, write them down and say it to yourself day by day. Check it out and share with others. More love to yourself means more love around you and beyond.

Hugs and Love from Me

Monika and her cuppa of self love 😉