So today  as I was feeling kinda under the weather, I reminded myself of the TO BE LIST and I decided to write it down. My list came a bit longer than usual and I owe it to the mood I got into. I just wanted to move into the direction of feeling happier. I got into a meditative state, sitting quietly for ten minutes and I asked myself : Who do you want to BE truly today, Monika? and here it is the list that evolved:

* KIND to myself

* LOVING to myself

* SUPPORTIVE to myself

* APPRECIATIVE of myself

* MOTIVATING to myself

* CHEERLEADING to myself

* MOTIVATING to myself

* PAMPERING myself

We all deserve joy and bliss in our lives. In order to feel them we gotta love ourselves. Truly. Madly. Deeply. Unconditionally.  What’s your TO BE list to love yourself? 🙂

Light and Hugs from Me