When choosing where to go and what to eat for lunch, we prefer something near and fast as we are limited by time or money. So many people tend to follow the fast food line, at least this is what I have seen so far, when I am on my lunch break. We consume rapidly, without attention of what we are actually eating. I changed my eating habits years ago and they have been serving me well.  I think fast food consumption can be paralled to the way we feed ourselves with negative thoughts. When you opt for fast food, you simply do not care about your health, you choose it since it is cheap and tasty ( I would debate on that) and you simply have beenn telling your brain that is what you find yummy. I reckon we do not care about ourselves when we trash our minds with negative thoughts which for many people tend to come way faster than positive ones.  If thoughts were sold the same way fast food is , which ones would you go for? happy or negative thoughts? Hungry or not, I am sire you woudl go for happy ones.

Next time, you have your lunch break, I encourage you to stop and make a conscious decision regarding what you eat as it does affect your thinking. ( I will prepare another post about it).  Have a sip of positive thoughts with your lunch. I am certain it will be a very nutritious and energising part to your daily routine.

Hugs and Light from Me