I encountered the following sentence: Kindness created me kind ,  while reading and doing exercises in the book called “May cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Berstein and it did challenge me at first that day yet it literally shifted my point of looking at things that were bothering me to some extent at that time. Once I said that affirmation out loud, it felt liberating in some way as I did experience some sort of relief.  So I thought, if saying it out loud once made such a change, then what would several times do? So I started to use it daily, and boy it does feel great to think kind. And kind thoughts lead to kind actions.

Which reminded me of a friend who was benign to an old lady. Every time, she was passing her she would give her few coins as the woman was always reaching her hand to passers by. Yet on that day, she did not have any spare monies, so she took a sandwich out of her bag and handed to the old woman and the smile she received back was priceless. She made somebody else smile by this small act and simultaneously she received kindness in the form of a smile.

My latest act of benignity was getting a cup of tea for a homeless man, who was sitting on the pavement on one sunny day. He asked if I had a spare two euro for coffee. I turned around and said I would get him coffee. In response, I heard that he actually would prefer me getting him a cup of tea with a drop of milk and two sugars. It astonished me that he knew exactly what he wanted ( that is a topic for another post) yet I promised I would bring him what he literally ordered, on my way back. And I did. And you know, it made my heart sing and suddenly I felt an enormous surge of joy coming my way. So I repeat every day: “Kindness created me kind” and remind myself that being considerate comes from my heart. Can you do the same? What has been your latest act of kindness?  Let’s share being kind and gentle, whether it is saying a loving word, paying compliment to a stranger or simply being generous with time and help to other people. Inspire others to spread it as then the Universe is in the acknowledgement  of it and keeps throwing us more kindness to appear in our lives which is an indispensable component to create healthier, more blissful and more trusting communities.

Light and hugs from me,