I have always liked music and it would always let musci heal my soul. I mean I could never ever imagine my life without it. It has been my ‘happiness’, the source of  joy, peace and inspiration and a remedy for a bad mood. Radio music used to wake me up when I was in high school and when I attended college. It was always a boost of energy!

I listen to the music every day.  I get favourite beats yet they shift with time as well. The most vital thing about music is taht it always makes me smile. Another pastime that  I discovered is singing. I have always wanted to sing, to be able to actually live my life singing. I think it is one of the most amazing gifts all singers have been blessed. I envy them in a good way obviously 🙂  I may not be the best singer and my audience is usually my mirror or window oh and my teacher.

I have always wanted to take up singing lessons and eventually I bumped into my teacher – Lisa while browsing a local newspaper. It’s like the Universe was listening carefully to me as I really really wanted to learn how to sing. The Law of Attraction worked certainly here: I asked for it and I was given.  And I must say I have an amazing, warm and extremely motivating teacher in the world. Not only, is she providing me with great tips and exercises to make my “singing” sound better yet she has been a very encouraging teacher. Now while I am aware that I am only at the beginning of my singing journey ( I just love singing even if I do not sound too good 🙂  )  I realised that I have been gaining something else along the way:  more confidence not only within my voice but within myself.  Personally, the weekly lessons are a soul therapy for me and I have already seen an improvement in my voice ability.  Here is the link to Lisa’s page: https://www.facebook.com/LisaSearyVocalCoach  If you have been thinking about singing lessons – Lisa is the vocal coach you will love 🙂  “

Music gives me a tremendous amount of joy, relaxation and power. And by power I mean it makes me feel conifdent, it make me believe. The lyrics flow and I feel so light and happy and when I close my eyes, my soul gets pumped up and my true voice comes out like a snail comes of out its shell. Its freaking amazing 🙂

Hugs and Light from Me