In 2013, Ireland experienced amazingly hot summer, so my swimming was more frequent. So, when September arrived, my friend suggested we would keep swimming and, so we did. October and November followed, and I was still going into the sea, no swimsuit. December showed up and I did hesitate for a while. It was cold out there, windy too and my brain was logically telling me to pause. Yet my spirit was bigger than my thoughts and I went in. Wow, the feeling I had afterwards – priceless. The number of happy hormones and banana smile on my face were so prevalent that I was standing on the shore grinning and taking deep breaths in and I was just so content. That was the moment when I decided that I would be swimming all year round and I never looked back.

Many people tell me that I am brave going into the sea during cold months. However, I say it has nothing to do with bravery yet a lot with your mindset. You see, I know the water is cold, I feel it. Focusing my mind on the feeling I will have after the swim and taking some deep breaths in allows me to stay in the cold water. In my mind I am basking in that feeling of joy and energy. I am loving it.

That is my secret for cold months swimming.I was such a chilly person before I realised that sea swimming has so many wonderful benefits and it is free.  Swimming is my way of unwinding, quietening the mind and noise around me. What is your cup of tea? How do you relax/challenge yourself? Share it with me and if you feel like, you can always join me in the swim sometime on Salthill. I am telling you: It’s fun!