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"Follow me" – says Heart – "Follow me" – screams Head.

“Yes, that’s it” , ” That’s the way I am doing it”, “That’s the right thing to do right now for me”, ” I am going to go with option B”. How many of those and many other phrases like that have you told yourself to only end up with the outcome you did not expect? My guess is : numerous.  There was that little voice inside you guiding you, you thought, in the right direction.  The voice was loud and vivid. You thought you were making the good decision. And again, you  failed somehow.

So many of us keep saying:

a) “I am so fed up with my family issues” – but it is your family in the end.

b) ” I am feeling down at my workplace”-  but you are still working there with the same attitude.

c) ” He is getting on my nerves / she just does  not support me at all” – but you are locked in the chain of keep saying: ” But we are so long together”.

And the list goes on and on.

I have definitely made decisions that I would have expected to lead me to the places I wanted to be and to the results I dreamt about. To my despair, I was discovering the ache of failure and disappointment countless times. Eventually, I took a closer look at the way I was approaching  “the making up my mind” theme. I realised that I was overthinking it, getting confused and bringing too much chaos into it.  Making decision is actually a simple task.  There are always two streams that get you in that moment: Head and Heart. It is on you which one you are going  to flow with.  My way of decision making is brought down to three questions:

1. Will saying yes/no to this serve my highest good?

2. Am I ready to face the consequences if something does not work?

3. What will I gain if it works?

I always reckon that if a decision made benefits your life – well then that is always the right direction to go. We need to shift the way we make up our minds if something is not working.

Head or Heart are knocking on your door. Which one will you invite in? and How are you going to approach the process? Choice is yours.

Hugs and Light From Me


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What I have learned from Conor McGregor

The UFC fever is over and everything around it seems to have calmed down. I must say that even though I have never been its follower, I have watched the pre and post fight conferences of UFC 194 wtih Conor McGregor.   And I am glad I did as I have gotten these four valuable insights.

* I got a big kick off of my self confidence. Why? Simply because he is self believer.  His way of talking before the fight was very calm, almost slowed down yet the picture of his victory he was painting with the words, was profound.  It  got me into visualising what he was saying would happen during that fight. I was taken in. Again, another person who underlines the power of visualisations which are a fantastic tool to get yourself in the habit of creating your future in the NOW.

* ” I have been compared to everybody…. I am me. I am nobody else but me” – he said.  It is so powerful. Don’t you think? I mean  you gotta be your own fan of yourself.  I think I am going to stick a note to my mirror: I AM ME and embrace it every time I look at it.  It is such a freaking privilage to be Me. To be YOU and only YOU. Cheers to “Being Me”.

* ” I stay active. I am fresh. there is no way of vacating, I will be a champion because I am active”  I reckon his words could be transferred into many aspects of our lives. Whether it is the  business you are doing, a project you are creating or a private issue you are handling right now, what matters is being present with it, staying active in it coz that will bring you closer and closer to what you wish to achieve.

* Winners focus on winning. Loosers focus on winners” – it had quite an impact me as I sometimes go the ” they are better than me/ wonder what they do that I do not” zone to be paying closer attention to what somebody else is doing. And I forget about my goal.  No more of that. Thank you Conor.

Light and Hugs from Me

Believing in Me, staying active with Me, visualising Me succeeding,

Me winning.


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Epic 2016 to You :)

New Year is at our doorsteps, knocking gently to get the invitation.

Will you welcome it with open arms and be the deliberate creator of the epic 2016? or Will you repeat the same old patterns and behaviours that do not serve you at all?

Choice is yours. We are always in control.

Have a Happy and Epic 2016 🙂

Hugs and light from Me


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Let the Music Heal Your Soul

I have always liked music and it would always let musci heal my soul. I mean I could never ever imagine my life without it. It has been my ‘happiness’, the source of  joy, peace and inspiration and a remedy for a bad mood. Radio music used to wake me up when I was in high school and when I attended college. It was always a boost of energy!

I listen to the music every day.  I get favourite beats yet they shift with time as well. The most vital thing about music is taht it always makes me smile. Another pastime that  I discovered is singing. I have always wanted to sing, to be able to actually live my life singing. I think it is one of the most amazing gifts all singers have been blessed. I envy them in a good way obviously 🙂  I may not be the best singer and my audience is usually my mirror or window oh and my teacher.

I have always wanted to take up singing lessons and eventually I bumped into my teacher – Lisa while browsing a local newspaper. It’s like the Universe was listening carefully to me as I really really wanted to learn how to sing. The Law of Attraction worked certainly here: I asked for it and I was given.  And I must say I have an amazing, warm and extremely motivating teacher in the world. Not only, is she providing me with great tips and exercises to make my “singing” sound better yet she has been a very encouraging teacher. Now while I am aware that I am only at the beginning of my singing journey ( I just love singing even if I do not sound too good 🙂  )  I realised that I have been gaining something else along the way:  more confidence not only within my voice but within myself.  Personally, the weekly lessons are a soul therapy for me and I have already seen an improvement in my voice ability.  Here is the link to Lisa’s page:  If you have been thinking about singing lessons – Lisa is the vocal coach you will love 🙂  “

Music gives me a tremendous amount of joy, relaxation and power. And by power I mean it makes me feel conifdent, it make me believe. The lyrics flow and I feel so light and happy and when I close my eyes, my soul gets pumped up and my true voice comes out like a snail comes of out its shell. Its freaking amazing 🙂

Hugs and Light from Me


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Sad and feeling low – what do you do?

Under the weather today? Don’t talk to me mode? Sad, and sorry for yourself, feeling low? Some worrying news put you in bad mood?

Been there and in fact, if I ever feel  like that, I go undercover. I am quiet on the outside yet internally I am “steaming’. However it is only temporary state for me. I have found my way of dealing with all those nasty thoughts of sadness and worry.  There are two things I do:

1. I accept my emotions as they come. Yep, if I feel like crying I cry a river. If I want to scream, I scream. We were taught to hide our negative emotions as it was not supposed to be good to show them. Like it almost felt to be ashamed to be angry. We suppress all those low energy emotions to let them idle inside for way too long. It stays there and grows to the extent that it makes us feel even more miserable. We start to loose touch with ourselves. we stop listening what our soul is trying to point out and we divert from loving ourselves.  What a f…… nonsense approach! I dare you to be bold and say out loud to yourself: Yes, today I feel crap, lonely, cranky ……………….and put here as many adjectives as you wish. .

2. I talk to my friends what is bothering me. Yep, i call or chat to my friends. The reason I do that is because it helps to look at the situation from a ‘distance’ . Your friends, the people who know You, will not only show you a different perspective, they will ease your pain, they will comfort you. Because they want your best. I always feel calm after those chats. So I feel this is the right time to say THANK YOU to you Girls: Ewus, Nika, Inese, Ann Marie, Anja, Anna, Emilia. I am extremely grateful to have you in my life.

Hugs and Light from Me


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Times shared are way better times spent

Times shared are times well spent, so they say. Every time I spend moments with people, it always amazes me how wonderful and alive it feels to be able to have chats and conversations and meetings. Sometimes a short chat with barrista when you are getting your coffee, changes your entire day.  A stranger in the waiting area gives you a name for a fantastic spa retreat you have been wondering to go to. Sometimes listening to songs with friends via skype, makes you look at your friendship in a deeper way. Sometimes speaking with your best friend with no words, allows you to sense the her energy to that extent you never had experienced before.

I think it is so vital nowadays to look for and make time for moments you can share with others. as you can never predict what you can walk away with. And I reckon that the best thing of those shared moments is that you are always feeling better ( if you choose to ). Be it a better mood, a great idea for birthday gift, a new way of dealing with an issue you have.

This weekend, I shared my time having coffees, watching movie ( even though it was a crap one but the laugh we had was so much worth it ), skyping my friend and listening to Adele’s new song, listening to my nephew explaining me how to play his new game when we see each other again. I mean this rocks. By sharing the moments, we grow as humans emotionally, spiritually. We motivate one another, we enlighten ourselves and we evolve.

Hugs and Light from Me


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Creator or Victim – It's your call baby

Are you Creator or Victim?

‘She said I was too judgemental’; He said that I was not good at it’; I can not believe that it happened to me’; How on earth she could do that to me’,  ‘Why they always choose him instead of me?’;  ‘What’s wrong with me?’.  Because my teacher never told me that, becausei  got stuck in traffic, because I did not manage to get time to prepare for that, because it was my dad’s fault, because I just have bad luck, because I felt so low that day, because of what he told me it just changed my mood for the whole day, because she did not have that ready for me on Friday and many more I hear people saying.  And sometimes I wanna stop them and say: ‘What the hell you are saying? You created this.’  ‘Me?’ – they say. I did not ask for that. No way’.  There is always someone else to be blamed for not being on time, not getting the job you wanted, the preferred dates for summer holidays etc and the list can go on. I am so freaking bored with hearing stuff like that. We HUMANS must realise that we are in control of our circumstances and more importantly we have a total control of our reaction to what is happening to us.

It all revolves around either Victim or Creator realities.  In my experience, I have come up with a few particular traits of those two poles.

VICTIMS usually complain, make others blame for their situation, point their weaknesses,  are jealous that you are succeeding and you definitely must have had a relative working there to get that job,  they create black coloured ultimate scenarios, they see problems as giant rocks that can not be removed and they give up.

CREATORS look forward to unfolding of a given situation with open mind,  concentrate on their potential, stay motivated, search for inspiration, they want to improve, they ask for help if they feel they need it, they are open to new things, they leave their comfort zones to have new experiences. And the deal breaker here: Creators TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their lives.

I will be honest I did and sometimes I fall back into Victim role though it is very seldom thing for me to do nowadays. If that occurs, I know I have a choice in my reaction to what is happening to me. It is so easy and convenient to stay in a comfort zone of victimising yourself. Yet believe me nothing grows there.  I choose to be Creator every day ( and yes that journey has rocks and bumps) but then which path doesn’t?  I would like to rise your  and other people awareness to shift from victim to creator role as I believe we have so much potential that is being wasted, hidden or lost simply because we choose not to go for what we want and succumb to circumstances.  Once creation is your goal,  you not only improve your life yet the lives of those around you.

Light and Hugs from Me


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The best things in life are free

The best things in life are free

Say what???

I have heard numerous times that there was nothing for free in the world  yet I have never believed it. As a teenager I used to love the song by Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson: ‘The Best things in life are free’.  I strongly feel that the best things in our lives which are also free of charge, are happening in front of our eyes on daily basis.

This is my personal list of those things in random order:

1. Giving and receiving hugs

2. Amazing music that I can listen to and songs that I can sing

3. All the moments spent with my family

4. Being a part of my friends’ lives

5. Love

6. All the hilarious, touching and fun moments spent with my girlfriends – You Rock Ladies!

7. Kisses

8. Coffees made by my best friend and our chats about stuff

9. My nephew telling me stories – what a privilage to be his auntie  – The best auntie in the world I have been named.

10. Starring at the sunset

11. Swimming in the sea

12. Meditating

13. Dancing in the living room

And today I celebrate (with a cup of coffee) my girlfriends  whom I spent last nite. It was such a relaxing, vibrant and amusing time. My face still hurts because of the stories told and laughter that followed.  Till next time one of the best thing in my life!

Hugs and Light From Me


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Mirror mirror on the wall…

Nop, it is not going to be a post about make up or beauty products.  Over three years ago, I got a small mirror. I received it during fantastic workshop that was held in Kinsale. During one of the tasks, I was asked along with other partcipants, to look in the mirror and say one nice compliment about myself. The one I chose to say was: I have beautiful hair and I am fantastic. And boy, it felt so good. I felt good about myself and I had no resistance in looking into my eyes in the mirror and saying that.  And it was because I had already started doing a MIRROR WORK before the workshop. And I can not stress enough how big impact it had on perceinving myself as a woman, as a human. It always feels weird and bizzare at first as you are starring at yourself and well there is nothing to hide, there is no place to run either. You are face to face with you and only YOU.  In early times, I struggled a lot. However, encouraged initially by the  book You Can Heal Your Life of the amazing Louise Hay, I made a progress. Every day, I look in the mirror after I get up, and I say: “I love you Monika and today I am going to love you a little bit more than yesterday”. Thank you Louise. That sentence has been changing my life ever since. It can change yours as well. Start a journey into loving yourself by being brave affirming: I love you ….

Light and Hugs from Me