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Why I swim in open sea all year round

When I saw my friend diving into water in the month of November years back, I thought there was no way I could do it.  Me: swim in open sea? The main excuses were obvious: too cold weather and even colder water.  I did not see any sense in going into freezing water which was neither pleasant nor fun.

And the years went by and I simply did not even think once about taking swimming up. Well I did swim in the sea during summers yet that was the only time I could be in the water.

However, in 2013 something changed. It was one of the hottest summers I have experienced here in Ireland and I spent most of my time on the beach and in water. Since the amazing weather persisted even in September I kept swimming. October came so fast and my friend suggested; Why don’t we keep swimming and we will see where it takes us? I must say I was reluctant to that idea. Now I think it was my body shouting: No f…. way you dragging me there woman!. Forget about it!  And my brain was not comprehending that nonsense either.

These are the reasons for swimming other people mentioned to me before:

-” It is good for your heart”

– : It is great for your mind”

– ” It is amazing stress reducing tool I ever had”

– ” it costs you nothing”

–  “It keeps you fit”

Having the above in mind, I went into the freezing October water. Yep, it was cold, however there was nothing unpleasant in the cold and no shock to my body. I started to look forward to it. I have been swimming since then and the boost of energy I have after the swim is  enormous. I am so happy and excited that I can move mountains.  I have heard on many occasions that I am brave swimming in the open sea. I take that compliment easily yet I reckon that kind of swimming requires changing the way you think about it.  Personally, I do know the water is freezing however  when I swim, my mind wanders to a wonderful land of energy and peace.

I swim in Galway Bay, yet I hope to discover other beautiful spots around the country. I sign my name under all those reasons mentioned earlier. Give it a go!  Although the water may be freezing at first, you will soon hear yourself saying: “It’s lovely”.  That’s my mantra 🙂

Hugs and Light from Me


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Colouring – my new weekly companion

I have recently “discovered” a colouring book titled: “Calming Colouring Patterns” and it has been my new companion weekly companion ever since. When I colour in, I am back in time and my fond childhood memories are alive. What a fun state to indulge in for a little while. I really enjoy it. Not only it evokes the kid inside yet it makes me unwind and express my feelings in the form of colours. I am sometimes surprised by the combinations of colours  I am coming up with, however I guess it is my internal voice speaking through the crayoons I choose.

And it does have a great benefit: it  reduces the stress. During that activity our brain is so engaged in colours and patterns, thus the full attention goes to the present moment, that it is subsequently prohibiting the external, frequently disturbing thoughts from entering our minds.

I think I will go further with colouring and make even more time for it. I have also seen books with colourful mandalas. Mandalas are the ancient form of a meditation art and they appear to have a healing power on our bodies and souls.  Have fun times with picking up your own colouring book and filling it with the shades your inside voice whispers.

Hugs and Light From Me


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I am Thankful

I just wanted to share this short yet powerful statement you can make every day:

I am thankful for …….

I do it daily, starting with little things I can think of, whether it is a cup of coffee, fresh air, sunshine or a text from a friend. Once you start that practice, the list gets longer.

Gratitude has a special place in my daily life and it has made me to always look at the bright side of things, I deifinitely became more optimistic person. There is always, ALWAYS, somethign you can be THANKFUL FOR. GOR FOR IT! 🙂

Light and Hugs from Me


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To Meditate or not to Meditate? That is the question

To Meditate or not to Meditate?

Well, if I had been asked that question five years ago, that would be my answer:

Ech.., what? Meditation?  That’s not for me.

However, it is not my case anymore. I have changed my view once I started to meditate. Now, I will say, it takes practice and it is still something I am constantly improving. My journey commenced with Louise Hay book “You can heal your life” where she depicts mediation as a mental deposit that we could make our daily habit. So I started and it felt weird, uncomfortable and kinda hard for me. The idea of sitting still, in silence was new to me as I spent most of my life in noise. I remember times when I used to study with the music in the background or falling asleep with having radio on. And then there was noise of shoulds, musts and haves in daily conversations, not to mention the physical noise which we all live in. Yet thanks to meditation, the pace of my every day life slowed down. I became more present and appreciative. While it was quite challenging at first to disregard the outside noise ( trying to meditate when you hear passing cars all the time or the lawnmover), with time I learned not to allow that noise to dominate my thoughts. Initially, my practice was to sit quietly for five minutes, breath in and out concentrating on repeating in my mind the words: Love or Peace, then I gradually was extending the time and now I can meditate for half an hour which is a triumph  for me. I am yet to dicover group meditation and will comment on that type in my later posts.

I can say now that I feel inner peace and it expands. Meditation changed my daily life. Will it change yours?

Light and Hugs from Me


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Yes, No, maybe, I don't know – Yes?

Yes, No, maybe, I don’t know – Yes?


“OMG, I should have bought that jacket. It was beautiful, good quality, the right size, dark brown colour – the one I have been looking for. Why on earth, I left that shop. You should have seen me in it. It was a perfect fit for me.  Do you think it will still be there on Monday? No, it’s probably gone already.  Why I didn’t listen to myself???


Ok, yes, no problem. I will mind your dog for that week. Sure, you are welcome.

I am going to be minding Carol’s pet for seven long days. It already feels like a chore.

Why did you agree? She is my friend. I just could not say No.

Even though, you have an allergy to dogs???


yay, we are going on holiday.

Where are you guys heading?


What? I thought you wanted to travel to Malta this year?

Yeah but Amy wanted to visit Lisbon and I just said yes.

Have you ever experienced above scenarios?

I am pretty sure you have encountered number of situations in your life where you would say Yes when you thought No and when you said No while you meant Yes.  I definitely was the type constantly shutting my heart’s voice down.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, I was doing it. My decisions and choices were made based on a huge wave of someone else’s preferences and wishes. I would sit and think and think to eventually come up with an answer that was pleasing everyone else but me.  The worst part of such decisions is the outcome as you know, deep inside your heart, that you had given up on You.  The internal battle stopped yet the result appears to have been widespread to the extent that you feel like crying and screaming. What can we do to avoid the turmoil of wrong decisions and start converting them into the ones that will serve us?

I put myself into habit of allowing some time and asking a question: Will this bring me closer to or further from who I am and what I want?  And I keep doing it and I always reach decision that is in allignemnt with my truth. If you say No while you mean Yes to a thing, be it a perfect pair of shoes or that Italian course you have been wanting to finally start, you are not allowing your inner voice to guide you, you are out of allignment. If you keep saying Yes while you mean No becasue you do not want the other person to feel bad, then it is kinda a bit selfish really. Yep, you heard me: SELFISH as you focus on the external validation rather than on you heart’s desire. And here again you are out of allignment and that casues resentment in you and me coz we are energetic beings.

So do yourself and me a favour – say YES when mean YES. Say NO when you mean No.  🙂

Light and Hugs from Me


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To BE list – say What

While I have been creating my to DO lists for the weeks, a query popped in to my mind: What if I created my to BE list for each day of the coming week? say What ?

We often get carried away with all that important stuff we need to get done, and it appears to be so crucial to have all the things on the list done as it gives us some kind of satisfaction, a fulfilment of reaching the goal of completing everything we set ourselves TO DO! And while I do not underestimate the importance of the “to Do” list, I reckon that creating a “to BE” list is equally important.  How do I do it?

In the evening, I choose to sit quietly for a minute and ask myself: “What qualities do I wish to experience tomorrow?” and write whatever comes to me in that moment.  There is a great benefit of such list as it prompts us to look at our inside, fostering to slow the pace of life with an invitation to think about the day ahead. It definitely shifts my energy daily since I actually catch myself thinking who I want to be in the particular situation or moment of the day, be it catching up with a friend, the chat with my sister or writing few pages of my book.

My tomorrow “to BE” list:

* Kind

* Patient

* Details focused


What is yours?  🙂  Try it and have fun with it.  We are called Human Beings for a reason 🙂

Light and hugs from Me


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Proscrastination and my new way of dealing with it

I have not written a post in a longer while here and I can not even come up with a reason different than that : I have been procrastinating. A LOT. It is high time I admitted that procrastination was my companion and a new way of dealing with it has to be invented. There was always something else to do and writing was postponed, and eventually given zero attention. I had many ideas for posts, some of them were coming unexpectedly. I was writing them down in my mail box, saving them as drafts, to only discover weeks later that they were just ideas that never got a chance to be developed into inspiring messages. Instead, I chose to abandon them. And now when I am writing this post, it feels like I am writing a kind of letter of apology to myself. Why, on earth, I procrastinated so long???  There were two answers that popped into my head:

1. I did not set writing as my weekly goal – I left it idling in the corner of my mind, letting it rest with the thought I would get back to it later since i really wanted to write and I just focused on WANTING to write.

2. I have been hiding behind the wall of fear. The fear of being judged, laughed at and even ignored. I also realised that I have been holding onto the belief that I am not good enough to write ( who am I to write? I questioned myself).
Today the realisation of procrastination was so immensely overwhelming that it made me cry and scream. I think I had to allow to accept the fact of abandoning my goals for writing and face that painful truth. So while I made myself vulnerable about how I mistreated writing on my blog, I also feel a great relief of sharing it here and letting my fears come to the surface.

My new way of getting rid of proscrastinaion is a two step process:

1. Make a vow to yourself. I made a vow today to write once a week no matter what.  The vow to yourself makes a huge difference as you are promising yourself so you gotta keep that promise – it will serve your highest good.

2. Be consistent. Take a small, tiny or even ridiculously tiny action toward your project every single day Be it a ten minute brainstorming or even a five minute  research.  Make it regular and it will pay off enormously.

That is my approach and I am going to apply it no matter what.  I dare myself to do it. Will you?  🙂

Light and Hugs from Me,


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A positive mind will give you positive experiences

Here is the recipe for positive mind created by Me that will give you positive experiences:


* a big smile to yourself while brushing your teeth

* a cute wink

* a power pose looking in the mirror – whatever you can think of – it gives you an immense boost of energy – tested!

* a compliment to yourself

* name one thing/person you are grateful for


Apply step by step every morning. Wrap it in one deep breath and you are ready to rock your day.  It does miracles and Because You Deserve It!

Bon Appetit!

Hugs and Light from Me


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10 Simple Rules for Loving Yourself by Louise Hay

I have heard that loving yourself is the most vital relationship you have in your life and I agree with that statement. In the past, when I was not fully aware of who I was or where I wanted my life to be heading to, I reckon, I completely surpessed the notion of being in a relationship with myself. I think I was more focused on pleasing other people and their needs. That attitude shifted years ago thanks to Louise Hay books and today I am grateful for her teachings.

I sometimes struggle with being loving to myself. There are moments when I scold myself for doing something wrong, for feeding myself with negative words. However I am now more aware of who I am and I am able to stop and give love to myself every day, a little bit more on daily basis.

I list below 10 steps for loving yourself by Louise Hay. Simple yet life changing. 🙂

1. Stop all criticism

2. Don’t scare yourself

3. Be gentle, kind and patient

4. Be kind to your mind

5. Praise Yourself

6. Support Yourself

7.Be loving to your negatives

8. Take care of your body

9. Do the mirror work

10. Do it now

What are your ways of loving yourself?

Hugs and Light from Me


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Hungry? Feed yourself with happy thoughts

When choosing where to go and what to eat for lunch, we prefer something near and fast as we are limited by time or money. So many people tend to follow the fast food line, at least this is what I have seen so far, when I am on my lunch break. We consume rapidly, without attention of what we are actually eating. I changed my eating habits years ago and they have been serving me well.  I think fast food consumption can be paralled to the way we feed ourselves with negative thoughts. When you opt for fast food, you simply do not care about your health, you choose it since it is cheap and tasty ( I would debate on that) and you simply have beenn telling your brain that is what you find yummy. I reckon we do not care about ourselves when we trash our minds with negative thoughts which for many people tend to come way faster than positive ones.  If thoughts were sold the same way fast food is , which ones would you go for? happy or negative thoughts? Hungry or not, I am sire you woudl go for happy ones.

Next time, you have your lunch break, I encourage you to stop and make a conscious decision regarding what you eat as it does affect your thinking. ( I will prepare another post about it).  Have a sip of positive thoughts with your lunch. I am certain it will be a very nutritious and energising part to your daily routine.

Hugs and Light from Me