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31st December 2015 – Are You There Yet

I do realise it is only 1st day of  the New Year and perhaps it appears to be excessively presumptuous to think about its end. However, I encourage you to imagine yourself then, giving yourself a full retrospection of 2015 on 31st December. Are you there Yet ? Be proactive in creating your life deliberately instead of waiting for your life just to happen.

So go ahead, grab a pen and paper, take few deep breaths, get quiet, kick off your imagination and start scripting 2015 like you have already accomplished and experienced everything you desire. Remember to add emotions as when your attention is focused on your wish with positive emotions, attracting it into your experience is quicker.

Let’s start creating 🙂

Hugs and Light  from Me


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Forgive Not Forget

I am certain all your Christmas gifts are already wrapped and ready to be given to your loved ones and friends. Yet, have you thought about a present for yourself? Yes, for yourself.  I reckon that the best one you can give yourself is the gift of forgiveness.  Forgive Not Forget .We tend to forget about  all those hurtful words we heard and unpleasant situations we were put into. However, forgetting holds us in the past as sometimes we come back to those memories of the hurt and grief when a word or a person triggers it and the negative thoughts are flooding our minds again, leaving us in a quite miserable state.  And those moments come back and they will until we allow forgiveness to step in.

Ghandi once said:  “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
How about you apply some strength this Christmas  and forgive? 🙂

Happy Christmas!

Hugs and Light from me,


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Christmas appears to be quite a time for self reflection for everyone. I reckon I was like that in the past as well. I would think about all the wonderful people I have in my life and the beautiful things I gathered over the years, when that cheerful time of the year was approaching. However, since my attitude towards life shifted, so did the self reflection and appreciation and I became a gratitude person.

Being grateful was not always easy for me, particularly when I was caught in unpleasant situations as I tended to focus on all the unnecessary negative moments and thus gratitude was simply excluded. I just did not see the point for feeling grateful when things were not going my way.

The shift occurred when my body ultimately screamed for attention. And, hey, it was still quite a dramatic time for me, yet subconsciously I knew I had to commence doing things differently. So I started with being grateful for everything. For the air I breathe, for my eyes that allow to me see all the beautiful scenery around me, for having coffee with my friend, for waking up in the morning. Yes, it felt weird to say it out loud. It felt unnatural to me as well. Nonetheless with time, that shift began to be smoother and once I started to write down all the things I am grateful for, it has even become more joyful to see on the paper how blessed I was to be able to have it all in my life.

I have been practising gratitude every single day and  I write my Gratitude Journal on daily basis. I warmly encourage you to put pen to paper and give it a go. It does kick miracles as your thoughts began to concentrate around goodness. I believe once you open yourself to being and feeling grateful, you are making space for more gratitude to come in.  Ask yourself today: What am I grateful for? and dedicate some time right now to evolve the gratitude approach. I am certain you will fill that blank page in your notebook quickly and I can assure you that being thankful is an extremely rewarding feeling 🙂

Hugs and light from me,


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Kindness created me kind

I encountered the following sentence: Kindness created me kind ,  while reading and doing exercises in the book called “May cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Berstein and it did challenge me at first that day yet it literally shifted my point of looking at things that were bothering me to some extent at that time. Once I said that affirmation out loud, it felt liberating in some way as I did experience some sort of relief.  So I thought, if saying it out loud once made such a change, then what would several times do? So I started to use it daily, and boy it does feel great to think kind. And kind thoughts lead to kind actions.

Which reminded me of a friend who was benign to an old lady. Every time, she was passing her she would give her few coins as the woman was always reaching her hand to passers by. Yet on that day, she did not have any spare monies, so she took a sandwich out of her bag and handed to the old woman and the smile she received back was priceless. She made somebody else smile by this small act and simultaneously she received kindness in the form of a smile.

My latest act of benignity was getting a cup of tea for a homeless man, who was sitting on the pavement on one sunny day. He asked if I had a spare two euro for coffee. I turned around and said I would get him coffee. In response, I heard that he actually would prefer me getting him a cup of tea with a drop of milk and two sugars. It astonished me that he knew exactly what he wanted ( that is a topic for another post) yet I promised I would bring him what he literally ordered, on my way back. And I did. And you know, it made my heart sing and suddenly I felt an enormous surge of joy coming my way. So I repeat every day: “Kindness created me kind” and remind myself that being considerate comes from my heart. Can you do the same? What has been your latest act of kindness?  Let’s share being kind and gentle, whether it is saying a loving word, paying compliment to a stranger or simply being generous with time and help to other people. Inspire others to spread it as then the Universe is in the acknowledgement  of it and keeps throwing us more kindness to appear in our lives which is an indispensable component to create healthier, more blissful and more trusting communities.

Light and hugs from me,