I have not written a post in a longer while here and I can not even come up with a reason different than that : I have been procrastinating. A LOT. It is high time I admitted that procrastination was my companion and a new way of dealing with it has to be invented. There was always something else to do and writing was postponed, and eventually given zero attention. I had many ideas for posts, some of them were coming unexpectedly. I was writing them down in my mail box, saving them as drafts, to only discover weeks later that they were just ideas that never got a chance to be developed into inspiring messages. Instead, I chose to abandon them. And now when I am writing this post, it feels like I am writing a kind of letter of apology to myself. Why, on earth, I procrastinated so long???  There were two answers that popped into my head:

1. I did not set writing as my weekly goal – I left it idling in the corner of my mind, letting it rest with the thought I would get back to it later since i really wanted to write and I just focused on WANTING to write.

2. I have been hiding behind the wall of fear. The fear of being judged, laughed at and even ignored. I also realised that I have been holding onto the belief that I am not good enough to write ( who am I to write? I questioned myself).
Today the realisation of procrastination was so immensely overwhelming that it made me cry and scream. I think I had to allow to accept the fact of abandoning my goals for writing and face that painful truth. So while I made myself vulnerable about how I mistreated writing on my blog, I also feel a great relief of sharing it here and letting my fears come to the surface.

My new way of getting rid of proscrastinaion is a two step process:

1. Make a vow to yourself. I made a vow today to write once a week no matter what.  The vow to yourself makes a huge difference as you are promising yourself so you gotta keep that promise – it will serve your highest good.

2. Be consistent. Take a small, tiny or even ridiculously tiny action toward your project every single day Be it a ten minute brainstorming or even a five minute  research.  Make it regular and it will pay off enormously.

That is my approach and I am going to apply it no matter what.  I dare myself to do it. Will you?  🙂

Light and Hugs from Me,