The best things in life are free

Say what???

I have heard numerous times that there was nothing for free in the world  yet I have never believed it. As a teenager I used to love the song by Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson: ‘The Best things in life are free’.  I strongly feel that the best things in our lives which are also free of charge, are happening in front of our eyes on daily basis.

This is my personal list of those things in random order:

1. Giving and receiving hugs

2. Amazing music that I can listen to and songs that I can sing

3. All the moments spent with my family

4. Being a part of my friends’ lives

5. Love

6. All the hilarious, touching and fun moments spent with my girlfriends – You Rock Ladies!

7. Kisses

8. Coffees made by my best friend and our chats about stuff

9. My nephew telling me stories – what a privilage to be his auntie  – The best auntie in the world I have been named.

10. Starring at the sunset

11. Swimming in the sea

12. Meditating

13. Dancing in the living room

And today I celebrate (with a cup of coffee) my girlfriends  whom I spent last nite. It was such a relaxing, vibrant and amusing time. My face still hurts because of the stories told and laughter that followed.  Till next time one of the best thing in my life!

Hugs and Light From Me