Want some of my tips that helped me shift my limiting beliefs to live more joyful life ? So many of us walk around, carrying heavy baggage in the form of limiting beliefs forgetting that we could all live happier life  if we intended to.  I mean, how many times have you been in a situation that you kept going on the repetition mode and asking:

How the hell I ended up doing the same thing again? 

and saying:

I am not good enough. I quit. I can’t. what a mess!

I have been there for sure. Countless times questioning and doubting myself and it was not the lightest state of mind. It made me feel unworthy, unheard. It made me feel like I was failing.

I was spinning like a hamster in a wheel. It was a vicious circle.

Here is my shortcut tips to twist your mind so it encourages you to live in more joyful and mindful state of mind.

DECLUTERRING  Look around you, inspect your wardrobe and your bedside lockers for old clothes, check your cupboards for any expired products. I mean like give it a thorough check because whatever is piling up in those niches, is piling up in your life too. I remember having so many clothes yet every time I opened my wardrobe, I kept saying: I have nothing to wear.  I recall days when I would open my fridge or cupboard and said: What am I going to cook?  I felt disappointed and I was struggling with organising all of that mess. I felt discouraged. And then I discovered one book and the author encourged me warmly to get rid of unwanted and not needed clutter. I felt like she gave me a helping hand in arranging my life.  Check out  this  book. I think it is life changing.

Out of sight out of mind – they say.

And I agree.  Clear what is no longer serving you and  mean it. Be firm when you throw  worn out clothes. We tend to hold on a sentimental chain and that chain keeps us locked in the clutter.  My tips on clothes declutter:

Prepare three bags or cardboxes and label them:     YES            NO         I DON’T KNOW

Take each item and ask those questions:  Do I need it? and Do I feel good about it?

I would encourage you to spend no more than 30 seconds thinking about the answers. Why? Because during those 30 seconds you listen to you intuition. Afterwards, your brain steps in protecting you with suggestions: I will need it for sure. Oh that is my favourite cardigan I got from Ann etc. Do the above with all products in your kitchen, your bathroom and your books. I am telling you, your mind will be extremely thankful to you.

JOURNALLING  Say what? writing?  Yes, do yourself a favour and start writing a journal. My suggestion is to buy the one that makes you smile every time you look at it. It makes it easier to reach for items that evoke good feelings.

So many thoughts were written here:

Start with one page a day. Do not overhwelm yourself at the start and commit to three or more. I guarantee you there will be days when you do not feel like writing anything and having 3 or more pages in mind – the task  can be quite daunting at the beginning.  write about anything. whatever your mind whispers. I have been journaling now for years with breaks yet I feel it is one of the simplest ways to see our true thoughts, our beliefs about world, about ourselves. It allows us to look inside of our souls  and take a thorough inventory of stuff no longer serving our highest good.

MEDITATING Make it your daily routine. Be it a 1 minute or 5 minute meditation. Set aside time for being with yourself.  Close your eyes. Breathe slowly. At the beginning, I started with a five minute meditations where I would sit and repeat the two words:


I gradually moved to guided mediations and mantra meditations. Was it challenging? Yes, 100%. I felt so much resistance, I could find distarction easily.  I found many other things way more interesting than sitting still by myself. Yes practice makes perfect and within weeks it began to be easier. I made meditation my ally and we have had a wonderful relationship so far. Give it a go. You have nothing to loose!

FORGIVING  Now that was the hardest one I embarked on. I realised that  it was not that easy peasy task to perform. I hesitated. I struggled and to be honest I did not want to.

I was clinging to past experiences because I felt hurt by others.

And when I heard that forgivness was our key to  having more joyful and fulfilling life, that it really meant returning to love, I did not want to believe it. I was in a victim mode and forgiving the other person meant I was the one to be blamed.

It was my ego talking through me.

After listening to Louise Hay, I become more open to being forgiving. And the first person I granted that forgivness was myself.  I started to write small notes of forgiveness to myself and then longer letters to those who hurt me and who I hurt too. It was painful.

Many tears were shed.

Yet it was liberating of all the pain and resentment I was holding to. It became my daily habit to forgive myself by simply saying: I forgive you –  to myself in mirror.  Yes, it sucks at the beginning, it feels uncomfortable and yes you do not want to look into your eyes. Once you become your best friend it changes. Forgiveness is returing to loving yourself.


I must say it is still a journey for me, I catch myself from  holding back from time to time. I sometimes will throw stuff  in one corner of the  room and do not  organise it for a week. I may skip my morning meditation and journaling because I am running late. However, thanks to the above tips I once learnt about, my self awareness has grown. Now I have tools that help me embrace my negative feelings knowing that those low energies will pass. Now I hold the keys to decluttering my physical and mental space.

And it feels lighter. It feels like joy.

What about you? Are you living your life to your most joyful capacity? Have you practiced any of the above or perhaps you developed your own habits that make you wake up in joy? I would love to hear them.


Light and Hugs From Me