While I have been creating my to DO lists for the weeks, a query popped in to my mind: What if I created my to BE list for each day of the coming week? say What ?

We often get carried away with all that important stuff we need to get done, and it appears to be so crucial to have all the things on the list done as it gives us some kind of satisfaction, a fulfilment of reaching the goal of completing everything we set ourselves TO DO! And while I do not underestimate the importance of the “to Do” list, I reckon that creating a “to BE” list is equally important.  How do I do it?

In the evening, I choose to sit quietly for a minute and ask myself: “What qualities do I wish to experience tomorrow?” and write whatever comes to me in that moment.  There is a great benefit of such list as it prompts us to look at our inside, fostering to slow the pace of life with an invitation to think about the day ahead. It definitely shifts my energy daily since I actually catch myself thinking who I want to be in the particular situation or moment of the day, be it catching up with a friend, the chat with my sister or writing few pages of my book.

My tomorrow “to BE” list:

* Kind

* Patient

* Details focused


What is yours?  🙂  Try it and have fun with it.  We are called Human Beings for a reason 🙂

Light and hugs from Me