To Meditate or not to Meditate?

Well, if I had been asked that question five years ago, that would be my answer:

Ech.., what? Meditation?¬† That’s not for me.

However, it is not my case anymore. I have changed my view once I started to meditate. Now, I will say, it takes practice and it is still something I am constantly improving. My journey commenced with Louise Hay book “You can heal your life” where she depicts mediation as a mental deposit that we could make our daily habit. So I started and it felt weird, uncomfortable and kinda hard for me. The idea of sitting still, in silence was new to me as I spent most of my life in noise. I remember times when I used to study with the music in the background or falling asleep with having radio on. And then there was noise of shoulds, musts and haves in daily conversations, not to mention the physical noise which we all live in. Yet thanks to meditation, the pace of my every day life slowed down. I became more present and appreciative. While it was quite challenging at first to disregard the outside noise ( trying to meditate when you hear passing cars all the time or the lawnmover), with time I learned not to allow that noise to dominate my thoughts. Initially, my practice was to sit quietly for five minutes, breath in and out concentrating on repeating in my mind the words: Love or Peace, then I gradually was extending the time and now I can meditate for half an hour which is a triumph¬† for me. I am yet to dicover group meditation and will comment on that type in my later posts.

I can say now that I feel inner peace and it expands. Meditation changed my daily life. Will it change yours?

Light and Hugs from Me