When I saw my friend diving into water in the month of November years back, I thought there was no way I could do it.  Me: swim in open sea? The main excuses were obvious: too cold weather and even colder water.  I did not see any sense in going into freezing water which was neither pleasant nor fun.

And the years went by and I simply did not even think once about taking swimming up. Well I did swim in the sea during summers yet that was the only time I could be in the water.

However, in 2013 something changed. It was one of the hottest summers I have experienced here in Ireland and I spent most of my time on the beach and in water. Since the amazing weather persisted even in September I kept swimming. October came so fast and my friend suggested; Why don’t we keep swimming and we will see where it takes us? I must say I was reluctant to that idea. Now I think it was my body shouting: No f…. way you dragging me there woman!. Forget about it!  And my brain was not comprehending that nonsense either.

These are the reasons for swimming other people mentioned to me before:

-” It is good for your heart”

– : It is great for your mind”

– ” It is amazing stress reducing tool I ever had”

– ” it costs you nothing”

–  “It keeps you fit”

Having the above in mind, I went into the freezing October water. Yep, it was cold, however there was nothing unpleasant in the cold and no shock to my body. I started to look forward to it. I have been swimming since then and the boost of energy I have after the swim is  enormous. I am so happy and excited that I can move mountains.  I have heard on many occasions that I am brave swimming in the open sea. I take that compliment easily yet I reckon that kind of swimming requires changing the way you think about it.  Personally, I do know the water is freezing however  when I swim, my mind wanders to a wonderful land of energy and peace.

I swim in Galway Bay, yet I hope to discover other beautiful spots around the country. I sign my name under all those reasons mentioned earlier. Give it a go!  Although the water may be freezing at first, you will soon hear yourself saying: “It’s lovely”.  That’s my mantra 🙂

Hugs and Light from Me