I am in my family home in Poland, celebrating Christmas and I am in awe of how much Christmas wishes we send to those around us and far away, neglecting the person closest to us – YOU!
I have been thinking about it recently and it struck me that we abandon wishes for ourselves. because it is weird, because who sends wishes to themselves? I mean, come on, wishing something yourself looks silly, awkward.  I know I wanna wish those around me lovely time because it is important to me, however this year I thought about myself first and I challenge you to do it as well.
My wishes to Me:
“My Dear Monika, my best buddy, my super girl, I wish you peace of mind and relaxation as I know you have worked hard all year. I wish you more ease coz I know ease has been important to you. I also wish you creative time coz I know how much you love expressing yourself when you have more free time. I wish you more awareness when being judgemental and ways to drop the judgement more easily because I know it has been bothering you too much this year. Most importantly, I wish you to  open your heart widely and show your vulnerability as I know that your deepest desire is to love immensely.
with all my love, Me to You.
Merry everything and a happy always :)”
Light and Hugs to you