Yes, No, maybe, I don’t know – Yes?


“OMG, I should have bought that jacket. It was beautiful, good quality, the right size, dark brown colour – the one I have been looking for. Why on earth, I left that shop. You should have seen me in it. It was a perfect fit for me.  Do you think it will still be there on Monday? No, it’s probably gone already.  Why I didn’t listen to myself???


Ok, yes, no problem. I will mind your dog for that week. Sure, you are welcome.

I am going to be minding Carol’s pet for seven long days. It already feels like a chore.

Why did you agree? She is my friend. I just could not say No.

Even though, you have an allergy to dogs???


yay, we are going on holiday.

Where are you guys heading?


What? I thought you wanted to travel to Malta this year?

Yeah but Amy wanted to visit Lisbon and I just said yes.

Have you ever experienced above scenarios?

I am pretty sure you have encountered number of situations in your life where you would say Yes when you thought No and when you said No while you meant Yes.  I definitely was the type constantly shutting my heart’s voice down.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, I was doing it. My decisions and choices were made based on a huge wave of someone else’s preferences and wishes. I would sit and think and think to eventually come up with an answer that was pleasing everyone else but me.  The worst part of such decisions is the outcome as you know, deep inside your heart, that you had given up on You.  The internal battle stopped yet the result appears to have been widespread to the extent that you feel like crying and screaming. What can we do to avoid the turmoil of wrong decisions and start converting them into the ones that will serve us?

I put myself into habit of allowing some time and asking a question: Will this bring me closer to or further from who I am and what I want?  And I keep doing it and I always reach decision that is in allignemnt with my truth. If you say No while you mean Yes to a thing, be it a perfect pair of shoes or that Italian course you have been wanting to finally start, you are not allowing your inner voice to guide you, you are out of allignment. If you keep saying Yes while you mean No becasue you do not want the other person to feel bad, then it is kinda a bit selfish really. Yep, you heard me: SELFISH as you focus on the external validation rather than on you heart’s desire. And here again you are out of allignment and that casues resentment in you and me coz we are energetic beings.

So do yourself and me a favour – say YES when mean YES. Say NO when you mean No.  🙂

Light and Hugs from Me