I got a beautiful waffle maker as a Christmas gift. Kudos to my sista Inese! Waffles have been on my mind for quite a while. Perhaps it was due to my fond memories of my auntie who passed many years ago, and she used to make lovely heart shaped waffles for me and my siblings every time we were visiting her during summer.  I always remember the smell of waffles and the delish apple sauce she used to put on the top of them. Yummy! It feels like I have attracted the waffle  maker so once it made its place on the counter, the process of waffles making has begun.

Here is my latest recipe:    

* 3 tbsp. of oats flour

* 3 tbsp of spelt flour

*5 tbsp of rice flour

*1 tbsp of maple syrup

*2 tbsp of coconut oil

*1/2 tsp of gluten free baking soda

* 1 tsp of cinammon

*1 cup of plant milk of your choice ( I used rice milk in that recipe)

Mix all the ingredients together. If the consistency is too thick, then go ahead and add more rice milk.

Waffle maker should be ready by now to welcome new waffles. I spread some coconut oil inside and pour the cake . Some waffles will take a bit longer if you wish them to be more ‘crispy’. use your own judgement when it comes to how long you should keep them in the maker. I just keep on taking a peek if they are ready. 😀

those ones are topped with berries smoothie and dark chocolate spread and almond flakes . and voila!




Light and hugs from me